Intended to create an infobox tabulating a person's residences and the arrival and departure dates; departure dates may have their coding deferred until the arrival dates display properly.
Related form
{{Showfacts residences}} - but seldom added individually to a page because it is part of the standard setup, shown in Form:Person/preload. Adding or editing data is done as a separate operation, ideally with the form or by ordinary editing of the parameters just as for Form:Person; and moving the template to a particular part of the "free text" area is done by ordinary edit. As with most templates, using "Edit with form" in a direct manner may shuffle some templates to the start, and some to the end, of the page, but recent updates to the software seem to have eliminated that fault.
See Familypedia:Residences template for details of design etc - but it is subject to revision too
Properties used
Property:Residence1 coord Property:Residence1 nation; Property:Residence1 county

Property:Residence1 date Property:Residence1 involved people Property:Residence1 locality Property:Residence1 notes Property:Residence1 sources Property:Residence1 street-address Property:Residence1 subdivision1

Property:Residence2 nation and so on - by November 2015 the list went as far as Property:Residence4 sources Property:Residence4 street-address Property:Residence4 subdivision1

Property:Residence5 involved people Property:Residence coord Property:Residence nation Property:Residence date Property:Residence locality Property:Residence sources Property:Residence state

Recent draft (Apr 2018) has these:

|residence2_address=42B Great King Street
|residence2_locality=North Dunedin
|residence2_county=Dunedin City
|residence2_nation=New Zealand

"start date" and "end date" are now thought to be a bit advanced; start date is probably sufficient; if the display can have a column for notes and sources in the same row or paragraph as the place and date, the end date if known can be mentioned there and thus easily seen in context instead of away down the page