Displays a table or tables of the siblings and half-siblings of an individual on the individual's "basepage" or any of its subpages. It is very similar to {{Showfacts children}} and calls the same sub-templates (listed below). For more detail notes see my write up here : User:MainTour/SMW Notes. MainTour (talk) 00:52, 27 June 2022 (UTC)
Property Types
  • Very Important - the Person profile must properly declare children group data as a data type.
  1. Assumes father's file is primary data source of siblings data
  2. If no father's file exists - then mother's file may be a secondary source
  3. Mother may have children from multiple fathers/marriages - those would be half siblings of the individual.
Type or paste {{Showfacts siblings}} where you want it to appear
If there are half-siblings or the father has no facts page, you may need to use parameters. See Help:Children#Siblings.
Linked Templates

The following subtemplates are designed for easy use by both Showfacts Children & Showfacts Siblings to display family groups for designated person profiles

  1. Template:Showfacts children/nest3 ---start children group displays for a parent - this will show up to 24 marriages/children groups. (ie Brigham Young (1801-1877).
  2. Template:Showfacts children/nest4 ---Setup WikiTable Children - One Group
  3. Template:Showfacts children/nest5 TemplateMapArray - Working Children's Group WikiTable
  4. Template:Emark1 - The Exclamation Mark for wiki table header
Incomplete work -
  1. Watch handling of names with special characters (like commas and apostraphes)
    1. Edward O'Hara (c1810-1863) // Edward O'Reilly (1844-1900)
    2. Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1443-1524) // George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick (1746-1816)
  2. Add extra logic code to find step-siblings for spouse (mother) married to other partners. Initial Siblings call looks for all children listed for the father.