For articles in Italian, please use Template:SurnameArticle/doc (.it) and do not delete lines in English (but translate them if you like).
Template:SurnameArticle is used on any article about a specific surname. The article name must be the surname itself followed by " (surname)". For example, for the surname "Abel", use the article, Abel (surname). If it is not, then please Rename it so that it does follow that form.
How to use it
Copy and paste the "Page outline" (which you see below under that heading) into the top corner of the edit box of the surname article (right before {{alsoWP}} if that is there, and before anything else). Then, simply add information after the "equals" signs on the template (avoiding carriage returns if practicable). Anyone can add more later; the only addition you must make is in the "Surname =" line: paste or drag'n'drop from the address bar or elsewhere, but useful additions are to copy the surname also to the external links for the Internet Surname Database and "FindAGrave".
The lines after the }} are used for starting the history/background of the surname in as much more detail as contributors wish.
The article will automatically be categorized with Category:Surname articles and its respective surname category and will have a prominent extra link at the top to the latter.

Page outline

| Surname = 
| Image = <!--Image, such as coat of arms, goes here.-->
| Origin = <!--Country(ies) or region(s) of origin-->
| Meaning = <!--What it means (brief word or phrase)-->
| Variant1 = <!--Variants; these link to existing or proposed categories-->
| Variant2 = 
| Variant3 =<!-- add variants 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 in the same way -->
}}<!-- leave this line alone -->
<!--After that, more detailed description/history of the surname.-->

<!-- Then specific headings: -->
==Individuals with that surname but no separate page==
:(''List them here; someone can create pages when there's enough detail'')
==See also==
:(''other relevant pages on Familypedia'')
==External links==
:(''relevant pages on other sites'')
*{{FAGsurname|}}<!-- insert name straight after "|" 
(with "_" instead of space if there are two or more words) -->
*<!-- insert name just after "Surname/" 
(with "_" instead of space if there are two or more words) -->
{{surname-stub}}<!-- delete this line after there's lots of detail -->