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Tabs for Person articles

Please note that this template is not part of the facts-based system that we have been using since 2009. It is still used on some articles that await upgrading to the new system, but it should eventually be phased out entirely.

Simple form: include the following at the top of each page:

{{tabs person}}
  • if Basepagename/Biography exists, a "Biography" Tab will appear
  • if Basepagename/Ancestors exists, a "Ancestors" Tab will appear
  • if Basepagename/Descendants exists, a "Descendants" Tab will appear
  • if Basepagename/Pictures exists, a "Pictures" Tab will appear

Details: This template creates a tabbed layout for an article. It is designed for articles that have become very large and need to be divided into subpages. It works with up to eight tabs, but be aware that the tab names must be very short when using this many. The default setting supports 4 tabs, if subpages exist for them named <article name>, "Biography", "Ancestors", and "Pictures". Subpages must have these names (with the exception of the first tab, which is the main page for the article).

If articles in other languages exist (see Familypedia:Multilingual articles), then add the parameter: "|lang=y". The template will find pages conforming to naming conventions for multilingual articles.

Example with all options: different tab names, change the color scheme, multilingual

{{tabs person|Ancestors|Foo|bcolor=#B0E0E6|lcolor=#77DD77|shortname=William I|lang=y}}

Up to 7 additional tab names may be indicated. Here, a tab for "Ancestors" and "Foo" will be created regardless whether subpages for them exist. Remember that the tab names must match the subpage names, and are case sensitive.

Optionally, the background color "bcolor" and the line color "lcolor" may be indicated to override the default pastel yellow tabs. This can aid in color coding various branches of a complex family tree, or the confidence of the information in the node (possible, probable, likely...).

Full list of parameters

  • bcolor = background color. Values can be hex eg #FFCC00, or by name eg bcolor=green
  • lcolor = line color. Same legal values as bcolor.
  • shortname= Useful for very long article names that make a tab too large. If specified, shortname will be used for the article's tab, instead of the full article title.
  • page1= when the first tab should link to a page other than the Base page (page name to the left of a slash)
  • lang=y if present, this will display the language links in the upper right corner of the title bar.


{{tabs person (en)|Argentina family|lang=y|page1=Santa Coloma/en|shortname=Santa Coloma}}

Would display the language links in the upper right corner of the title bar. Tab1 would link to Santa Coloma/en, but display "Santa Coloma".

Further examples, requests for changes? Please leave messages on the talk page Template talk:Tabs person.

Articles in other languages must add a suffix with the language code. See Genealogy:Full list of languages for a complete list of suffixes.

Other languages: see also