In use, this template asserts the below message and builds the proper links on the local template '/doc' page when and where it is used. If the local documentation page exists at a subpage other than PAGENAME/doc, the subpage name can be provided as a parameter.

The template documentation below is transcluded from Template:Template doc page transcluded/doc [edit]


  • basepage= alternate base page where /doc subpage exists.
  • operand1= different subpage name. Instead of /doc, it will reference / <<operand1>>

See project:Template doc page pattern for how this template is used or include the boilerplate text noted following. See also:

  • the companion template {{Template doc page viewed directly}}
  • the companion sample template {{sample}}
  • {{Interwiki doc page pattern}} which when substed, creates boilerplate text for a /doc page including the proper calls to the other two.
  • Note: All four add tagged pages properly to
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