This template is used to display a box on all of the date articles (January 1 ... December 31) listing the date in recent years. It also shows what day of the week the date was in previous years.



Parameters: The following parameters can be used to adjust the display of this template.

  • Month=month (Full month name, e.g. Month=January) - default = {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}
  • Day=day (numeric date, e.g. Day=1) - default = {{CURRENTDAY}}
  • float=right/left (float the box left or right, e.g. float=left) - default = right
  • title=title (Title for the box, e.g. title=Today) - default = {{PAGENAME}}

Today in recent years
2009 (Thursday)
2008 (Tuesday)
2007 (Monday)
2006 (Sunday)
2005 (Saturday)
2004 (Thursday)
2003 (Wednesday)
2002 (Tuesday)
2001 (Monday)
2000 (Saturday)

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