Response to Robin's question in the Watercooler discussion.[]

The template indicates that information has been taken from wikipedia. A similar template is wikicoms which indicates that the information has been taken from wikicommons.

The templates should be used so that users are aware from where at least part of the information has been taken. However it should be in a different print, preferably smaller, because otherwise it interferes with the other text regarding the article, and it distracts from the main problems of the article. I would even prefer to have the note at the end of the article - especially in the category articles. First of all because using part of the classification of wikipedia is usually not a problem of copying original information - in most such cases it should be omitted - and it makes the access to the main information less easy.

I did not change the main template because there was no consensus on the adoption of the smaller characters. Besides, I did not find a way of changing the characters is the usedwp template. If we reach a consensus for general use of the template the usedwp template can be modified, but I am not able to do it. Afil 01:41, August 29, 2011 (UTC).