Finally trying to get residences working. My own bio has some extra code, which could lead to displays if some clever person were to add some code to Template:Showfacts residences, but recent edits of this page have added more and better. Now to get a display method; {{Showfacts children}} may have some code to adapt, but it's very much tied up with groups and arrays, so I'm looking for something simpler.


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Created with Advanced Form - which I notice has not had the "street" etc things updated
2 Wedding 2
  • Query - why does one of our help pages say that the advanced form caters for up to 12 weddings? This version stops at two.
§ Remains
  • The plan is to have residences follow remains so as not to get caught up in a variable number of weddings.
  • s

Robin Patterson