The Henry Project is a scholarly enterprise by Stewart Baldwin aimed at documenting ancestors of King Henry II of England.

It has deservedly been admired by contributors to soc.gen.medieval. Among typical comments were these in 2008:

  • "The trouble with Stewart's work is that he is so thorough, there doesn't seem to be any criticism."
  • "Your website- and your participation in this group- have been extremely valuable to me in my personal research!"

Comments and learned discussions continue on that forum, in different threads.

As Henry was a descendant of Charlemagne (747-814), there is some, not unlimited, overlap with our Project Charlemagne.

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  • In 2016, Stewart wrote:

"I would like to remind users of this newsgroup that the Henry Project has a mirror site with exactly the same pages, located at the following URL:


"This site is currently receiving much less traffic, and I recommend that those who use this material often consider using this URL instead. "