Thomas Jefferson Adair was born 25 October 1775 in Laurens County, South Carolina to Joseph Adair (1745-1820) and Sarah Lowe (1750-1844) and died 1858 Mississippi of unspecified causes.


The family accepted preaching of their grandson, James Richey (1821-1890) and joined the Buttahatchie 1845 LDS Branch while living further north in either Chickasaw or Itawamba County. The father (Thomas Adair) did not leave Mississippi, but almost everyone else followed the Mormons west to Utah. Several of their older children were already married by 1845.

Thomas was born 25 Oct 1771* in Charleston, South Carolina. He was the oldest son of Joseph and Sarah Adair. His paternal grandfather was born in Ireland. On 25 Aug 1802, Thomas Adair’s name appears as a signer of a petition to congress by the citizens of Mississippi territory.

On 5 Feb 1804 (possibly 23 Mar*) there is a gift deed of 40 acres registered in Duncan’s Creek, South Carolina from Joseph Adair to his son Thomas Jefferson Adair. It was witnessed by his brother-in-law (or father-in-law*), Roger Brown. It was possibly a wedding gift as some sources list 1804* as the wedding date of Thomas Jefferson Adair and Rebecca Brown (1776-1846).

They were to become the parents of 11 children. They moved many times during the course of their marriage. In addition to South Carolina, their children were born in Tennessee, and Alabama, before they eventually settled in Mississippi.

As the children got older, they were to become acquainted with the family of John Mangum (1763-1843). Four of their sons and daughters would marry four of John and Rebecca Mangum’s children.

He and Rebecca separated in 1831. He was no longer with the family when the Mormon missionaries taught his wife, children and their spouses about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His family left Mississippi in 1845-46 to move to Nauvoo, Illinois and eventually to the west.

Family tradition states, that they were to hear through family members still in Mississippi, that he died there in 1856.


Offspring of Thomas Jefferson Adair and Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Margaret Ann Adair (1804-1852) 7 February 1804 Laurens County, South Carolina 10 February 1852 Manti, Sanpete County, Utah William Richey (1796-1879)
Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889) 28 March 1806 Laurens County, South Carolina 6 July 1889 Nutrioso, Apache County, Arizona Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848) Nancy Fountain White (1811-1880) Ludinca Unknown Rachel Hunter (1810-1882) Roxanna M. (1794-1860) Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848) Nancy Fountain White (1811-1880) Ludinca Unknown Rachel Hunter (1810-1882) Roxanna M. (1794-1860) Anne Catherine Lauritsdatter (1815-1884)
Fairby Adair (1809-1836) 1809 Tennessee 1836 Pickens County, Alabama Daniel Clark (1800-1832)
Eliza Jane Adair (1811-1892) 11 November 1811 Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee 16 August 1892 Washington, Washington County, Utah Samuel Carson (1805-1836) Moses Pearson (1810-) Samuel Carson (1805-1836) Moses Pearson (1810-) John Buren Price (1815-1893)
Sophia Adair (1812-1877) 1812 Tennessee Joseph Allison (1801-1852)
Thomas Jefferson Adair (1814-1895) 31 May 1814 Indiana 19 September 1890 Show Low, Apache County, Arizona Frances Rogers (1818-1847) Frances Rogers (1818-1847) Mary Vance (1820-1918)
Sarah Ada Adair (1815-1852) 27 December 1815 Tennessee 3 July 1852 Loup Fork, Platte County, Nebraska William Mangum (1811-1888)
George Washington Adair (1818-1897) 18 March 1818 West Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee, United States 26 August 1897 Orderville, Kane County, Utah, United States Miriam Jane Billingsley (1829-1912) Miriam Jane Billingsley (1829-1912) Johanna Freestone (1849-1903)
John Wesley Adair (1820-1903) 18 February 1820 Greene County, Alabama 5 May 1903 Nutrioso, Apache County, Arizona Rebecca Frances Mangum (1814-1890) Rebecca Frances Mangum (1814-1890) Harriett Cordelia Williams (1829-1907)
Mary Ann Adair (1822-1892) 5 July 1822 Pickens County, Alabama, United States 9 May 1892 Georgetown, Kane County, Utah, United States John Mangum (1817-1881)
Laney Ann Adair (1824-1881) 2 July 1824 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States 29 June 1881 Johnson County, Texas, United States John Ellis Ewing (1822-1905)


#g1: Offspring of Joseph Adair (1745-1820) and Sarah Lowe (1750-1844)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Adair (1770-1840) 4 August 1770 Laurens County, South Carolina, United States 1840 Pickens County, Alabama, United States Rebecca Unknown Adair (c1775-)
Thomas Adair (1774-1858) 25 October 1775 Laurens County, South Carolina 1858 Mississippi Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)
Joseph Adair (1773-)
Sally Adair (1775-)
Jenny Adair (1777-)
Suffiah Adair (1779-)

Vital Records

1790 US Census

South Carolina 1790 US Federal Census has two entries for Joseph Adair. Both entries show on page 13 of the Laurens County Census. This family is very close match for the second entry, [4-1-4-0-5].

1804 Land Deed

Joseph Adair to Thomas Adair, State of South Carolina: Deed of Forty acres land ...23 March 1804. Know all men by these present that I Joseph Adair of Dunkins Creek in Laurens District in the state aforesaid for said in consideration of the love and good will my eldest son Thomas Adair, of the state aforesaid have given and grant and by these foresaith do ive and grant to the said Thomas Adair all that plantation on track of land containing forty acres near to lift beginning a post oak corresponding ...

1830 US Federal Census

1830 US: Pickens Co., Alabama, roll 2, pages 111- 112. The first three related families all on the same page and the next four related families are on the next page:

  • Thos. Peeks, males 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 20-30:1; females 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 10-15:1; 30-40:1.
  • John Mangum, males 5-10:1; 10-15:2; 15-20:1; 60-70:1; females 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 10-15:1; 30-40:1.
  • Cyrus Mangum, males 20-30:1; females 0-5:1; 15-20:1.
  • Saml. Carson, males 20-30:1; females 20-30:1; 80-90:1.
  • Saml. Adair, males 20-30:1; females 20-30:1.
  • Thos. Adair, males 5-10:1; 10-15:1; 15-20:1; 50-60:1; females 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 10-15:1; 40-50:1.
  • Daniel Clark (next door), males 0-5:1; 30-40:1; females 0-5:1; 20-30:1.

Famous Descendants

  1. John Wesley Adair (1820-1903), Son - Mormon Battalion Soldier, served with his nephew, Benjamin Richey.
  2. Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889), Son - Mississippi convert to Mormonism and leader of the 1st 1857 Cotton Mission to Washington County, Utah
  3. Samuel Newton Adair (1839-1924), Grandson - Famous Mormon Missionary to the Indians of Southern Utah. Part of Dixie Cotton Mission.
  4. James Richey (1821-1890), Grandson - Mormon Mississippi Missionary and Church leader. Part of Dixie Cotton Mission.
  5. Benjamin Richey (1823-1849), Grandson - Mormon Battalion Soldier, did not return to family.


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