Thomas Bourne was born circa 1582 in Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom to Bartholomew Bourne (1560-1624) and Agnes Bates (1546-1624) and died 2 May 1664 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Rouse (1590-1660) 21 December 1607 in Matlock, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom.


Thomas Bourne was born in 1581-1583 in Tenterden, Kent, England to Barthalomew Bourne. Married Elizabeth Rouse 21 Dec 1607 in Matlock, Derby, England. Their child: Sarah/Ann (Bourne) Smith. --- Arrival in 1636 to Plymouth, Mass.

Thomas Bourne and his wife, Elizabeth, with several children, came to Plymouth sometime near 1630. He was a resident of Plymouth long enough to be well known there, and was so desirable a citizen that in 1637 the Court of Plymouth Colony granted him and others called special persons, "that would promise to live at Plymouth on some good farms, and so tie the lands of Plymouth as farms for the same; and these they might keep their cattle, tilling by some servants, and retain their dwellings in Plymouth."

Dec. 4, 1637, a grant of 100 acres was given to Thomas Bourne, and it was the second grant recorded of land in Marshfield. The same day 100 acres was granted to Josiah Winslow. The town was incorporated in 1640, and the same year Thomas Bourne was one of two that were chosen deputies to represent the town in the October General Court, and he was elected three times afterward. "Under date of Aug., 1645, the following entry is found: 'On a motion being made for one to teach school, we whose names are undersigned, are willing to pay yearly besides paying for our children; we shall send the following sums.' Among others we find the name of Thomas Bourne, who subscribed ten shillings. Thus early, Thomas Bourne, his son, John, and others, took measures to establish a public school. We have one more record of this Thomas, called by one writer the 'eldest of the Marshfield settlers and a patriarch of its Eden.'

  1. Margaret Bourne (1615-1683) - md Josiah Winslow and both are listed on the Green Harbor Monument
  2. Martha Bourne (1614-1683)
  3. Sarah Ann Bourne (1615-1684)
  4. Elizabeth Bourne (1618-1663) - md Robert Waterman and both are listed on the Green Harbor Monument
  5. John Bourne (1622-1684)


Offspring of Thomas Bourne and Elizabeth Rouse (1590-1660)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Margaret Bourne (1615-1683) 1615 Kempsey, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom 28 September 1683 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States Josias Winslow (1606-1674)
Martha Bourne (1614-1683) 1614 Kent, England, United Kingdom 1680 Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, United States John Bradford (1615-1678)
Thomas Tracy (1610-1685)
Sarah Ann Bourne (1615-1684)
Elizabeth Bourne (1618-1663) 1618 Kent, England December 1663 Plymouth County, Massachusetts Robert Waterman (1613-1652)
Thomas Tilden (1619-1705)
John Bourne (1622-1684)


Vital Records

Green Harbor Monument


This person is listed in memorium on the Green Harbor Monument, located in Marshfield, Massachusetts and dedicated in honor of the early colonists from Plymouth Colony who settled this area in the early 1600s. At least two of their daughters are also listed on this monument.



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