Thomas Edwards was born in approximately 1649, most likely in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall. A baptism for Thomas has not been found due to the poor quality of sections of the St Just in Penwith register (the text of many entries has faded and cannot be read). Due to an entry on his marriage record, it is known that his father was Edward Edwards, so his mother is likely to be Phillipa Edwards (nee Worden) and his siblings were Richard, Jane, Ann, Noye, Charles and John.

His surname is sometimes record as 'Edward' without the plural 's'.


Thomas married Alice Holla at St Just in Penwith on 28th August 1669. Her origins are currently unknown, but the name of Thomas's father was provided on the marriage record.

Thomas and Alice would settle in St Just in Penwith. Records for four of their children have been located there, but it is highly likely there were more, due to the first baptism not being recorded until 1679. There are various reasons why this would have occurred, but the faded nature of the register is high on the list.


Thomas was buried at St. Just in Penwith on 20th August 1692, aged approximately 43 years of age. His youngest child was only 4 years old at the time.


Name Birth Death
Children of Thomas and Alice Edwards

Jane baptised 17/08/1679
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall
buried 15/06/1757
buried Madron, Cornwall

Audry baptised 20/07/1684
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Thomas baptised 03/01/1686
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall
buried 10/09/1693
buried St Just in Penwith, Cornwall

Waren baptised 06/10/1688
baptised St Just in Penwith, Cornwall