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Toda d'Arles was born 981 to Guillaume I de Provence (956-993) and Adelaide of Anjou (c947-1026) . She married Bernard I Taillefer de Besalu (c965-c1020) . Charlemagne (747-814), Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

She may have been a daughter of Guillaume de Gascogne and Urraca of Pamplona (?-?) instead, in which case she could have been some 10 years older.


Offspring of Toda d'Arles and Bernard I Taillefer de Besalu (c965-c1020)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Guillem de Besalu (c987-1052) 987 1052
Guifre de Besalu (c988-1054) 988 1054
Asenrico de Besalu (c990-aft1020) 990 1020
Hug de Besalu (c993-aft1020) 993 1020
Berenguer de Besalu (c997-aft1033) 993 1033
Constance de Besalu (c1010-aft1059) 1010 1059 Ermengol II of Urgell (?-1038)
Adelaide de Besalu (c1005-1064) 1010 1064 Ponce de Empurias (-bef1079)
Garsinde de Besalu (c1000-aft1066) 1000 1066 Bérenger I de Narbonne (c995-1067)


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