Ulyana Dmitrievna of Palekh was born on an unknown date to Dmitri Fyodorovich Paletsky Shchereda (c1510-1561) and died 1569 of drowning.

Princess Ulyana Dmitrievna of Palekh was the daughter of prince Dmitri Fyodorovich Paletsky Shchereda, one of the military aides of the Grand Prince of Moscow.

She married Yuri of Uglich, brother of Ivan the Terrible. Ulyana was very active in religious charities and was considered to be a second Anastasia

After Yuri's death, Ulyana took the vows under the name of Alexandra and retired to the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. She later moved to the Goritsky Monastery.

In 1569, during the Oprichnina terror, Ulyana and Euphrosinya of Staritsa, widow of Andrei of Staritsa were drowned in the Sheksha River, on orders of Ivan the Terrible. Their bodies were buried at the Goritsky Monastery.


Offspring of Yuri Vasilyevich of Uglich (1532-1563) and Ulyana Dmitrievna of Palekh
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Yuryevich of Uglich (1559-1560)



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