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My name is William Robert Hunsicker, Jr.

I was also a contributor to Animepedia and when my interest in genealogy was once again rekindled, I looked to see if there was a genealogy wiki on wikia. Lo and behold, there was!

I am the third child of William Robert Hunsicker (1932-2002) and Dorothy Mae Stauffer (1927-2007).

I will be (slowly) adding information from the following lines (that converged with my parents and grandparents):

Hunsicker: including information on the decendants of Valentine Hunsicker (1700-1771) as listed in A Genealogical History of the Hunsicker Family in which my grandfather, Clifford Sheridan Hunsicker (1903-1976), appears in the last generation,

Stauffer: including information on the descendants of Samuel Stover (1810-1888) from research conducted by other descendants,

Leedom: including information on the descendants of John Yardley Leedom (1798-1885) from research conducted by other descendants,

and information found on,

and other surnames related to these three.

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