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About me[]

I was born in 1964 in Durham, North Carolina, USA. I currently live in Santa Barbara, California, where I am a professor at the University of California. My professional web page is here. Through August of 2009 I am visiting the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and will only be working sporadically on genealogy.

My parents are still living; my grandparents were William Beveridge Kendall (1909-1997), Harriett Gladys Bragg (1914-1987), Paul Deforest Miller (1911-1985), and Dorothy Mae Julian (1913-1995).

People I'm working on[]

Levi Goddard Kendall (1827-1906)
William Beveridge Kendall (1857-1908)

Reference pages[]

Poor, 1860
VR Athol
VR Sudbury
Whitcomb, 1905
Woburn Records

Tips & tricks[]

  • To add children from a second marriage, use

{{Showinfo children|family=2}}

  • It appears that structured date and place info can be added even where it does not appear in the infobox template (e.g., Marriage2 year)
  • See Template:CN as an easy way to put census information in the reference section of a person's article.
  • To convert excel data into a wiki table go to

Useful links[]

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  • Category:Citation_templates [2]


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