Name, Dates and currently held certificates[]

Henry Kable (c1763-1846) MD Immigrant

Susannah Holmes (c1762-1825) MD Immigrant

John Jones (?-1837) Immigrant

Mary Jones (c1772-1820) D Immigrant

George Esto Kable (1797-1853) BMD

Susannah Jones (c1800-1848) MD Immigrant

Mary Matilda Kable (1822-1900) BMx2D

Charles Javens (c1804-1902) MD Immigrant

Elizabeth Javens (1863-1950) BMD

Edgar Sydney Kable (c1848-1928) BMD

John Kable (1802-1859) BMD

Eliza Dyel (c1807-c1853) M Immigrant

Mary Elizabeth Kable (1904)-(1994?) (Grace) BM

Charles Henry Whiteley (1893-1960) BMD

Valerie June Whiteley (1929-1968) BMD

Dermot Thomas Hennessy (1928-1974) BMD

Ivy Violet Roffey (1885-1972) BMD

Thomas Eugene Hennessy (c1886-1934) MD

Patience Theresa Breen (1863-1940) BMD

John Hennessy (1857-1942) BMD

Sarah Widame Crawford (1861-1945) BMD

Charles Roffey (c1858-1944) BMD

Mary Ann Dobson (c1863-1949) MD

Henry Whiteley (1853-1934) BMD

Frances Susannah Burchell (c1841-1921) MD

Josiah Dobson (c1828-1898) MD Immigrant

Agnes Tinnock (c1834-1912) MD Immigrant

Charles Whiteley (c1813-1900) MD Immigrant

Johanna Maher (c1836-1899) MD Immigrant

Denis Breen (c1835-1884) MD Immigrant

George Crawford (c1831-1911) MD Immigrant

Jane Sharp (c1834-1912) MD Immigrant

Charles Augustus Roffey (c1832-1910) MD Immigrant

Caroline Sarah Phillips (c1836-1926) MD Immigrant

Andrew Hennessy (c1826-1884) D Immigrant

Catherine Ryan (c1828-1920) D Immigrant

Sophia Ottaway (1815-1865) D Immigrant

William Phillips (1815-1860) D Immigrant

Margaret_Riley_(c1808-1865) D Immigrant

John_Breen_(c1804-1875) D Immigrant

Margaret McAlpine (c1810-1894) D Immigrant

Alexander Tinnock (c1811-1894) D Immigrant

And the picture slowly builds up! btw, I'm in Australia.

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