Lance Ewing

Hi there! My name is Lance Ewing and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I have an interest in my family history and hope to record my research in the Genealogy wiki so that people with a common ancestry will benefit from this research and hopefully will make contact with me. All of my ancestors who came to New Zealand arrived here before the 1900s, so I am about as 'kiwi' as you can get. I am 3/32 Maori (my great grandmother was 3/4 Maori), so the first of my ancestors to arrive in New Zealand were Maori and would have arrived several hundred years ago from Polynesia. The rest of my ancestors arrived in New Zealand between 1850 and 1890. The majority of these came from England but a few came from Ireland.

I am researching all of my ancestry but I am particular interested in my Ewing ancestors who came to New Zealand from Norwich and my Osborn ancestors who came to New Zealand from Fulham.


Family History

The following is a list of the ancestors I have created pages for the Genealogy wiki:

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