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  1. List of Notable Scouts
  2. Familypedia Introduction to Semantic Media Wiki Tools
  3. Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial
  4. List of Earldoms
  5. Wikipedia List of Recent Deaths

GOOD: Family History Projects

  1. User:MainTour/SMW Notes -
  2. Interactive Maps on Fandom -
  3. User:MainTour/New England History - Early New England History Projects - Histories of 16th, 17th, & 18th Century americana, events, participants, categories, 1st families, memorials, cemeteries, etc.
  4. User:MainTour/LDS History - Collecting major events
  5. User:MainTour/Famous cousins - and other relatives of note.
  6. User:MainTour/lineages - Long ancestry chains
  7. SMW Page Upgrades - See list below;
  8. LDS Temples - and other historic wedding venues & historic sites : Salt Lake Temple / Smith Family Cemetery.
  9. User:MainTour/Dixie Saints - Many of Richey / Adair / Mangum clan from Mississippi/Alabama were part of the Dixie Saints that immigrated to Utah and then to Washington Co, Utah as part of Mormon Dixie Mission of 1850-1869.
  10. User:MainTour/European Nobility
  11. User:MainTour/Hall Family
  12. User:MainTour/Richey Family
  13. User:MainTour/Sanders Family

Introduction / Other Projects[]

I have a definite interest in genealogy for early New England - direct ancestors, founding fathers of the United States and The LDS Church. There are a lot of records from these colonies, so it should be possible to document all settlers and their extended families. Contact: Bryce Hall (1962), Oceanside, California.

Major Work Projects[]

Favorite Books[]

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Historic Photo Albums[]

My Grandparents Ancestry[]

  1. Sylvester Angus Hall (1896-1972)/tree
  2. Emma Maude Sparks (1899-1991)/tree
  3. Leigh Montrose Richey (1902-1989)/tree
  4. Rhoda Luella Knudsen (1900-1994)/tree
  1. Lee Washington Sanders (1897-1989)/tree
  2. Zetta Fern Mortensen (1899-1975)/tree
  3. Adolf Leicht (1894-1981)/tree
  4. Mary Theresea Mayer (1903-1988)/tree

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