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Quick info

Planned work

  • Upcoming
  • Convert infobox articles to use the new showfacts person suite of templates.
  • Scan all places on wikipedia that use {{coord}}
  • Generation of info pages for all person articles

    • Reload of Presidents using procedure to pull in spouse articles
    • Upload all counties in US, UK, SA, India and Canada (heaps of new articles- this is easily over 10K articles including the related forum pages, supporting templates and images that PhloxBot identifies).
    • Time/Space scheme renames
      • Ohio births -> Born in Ohio
      • 1921 births -> Born in 1921

'Sometime later/ deferred: see Current Tasks
Other deferred tasks:

  • "Counties" Canada and South Africa. (May wait for response to local fora before proceeding further in the English capable world- eg Kenya, Rhodesia etc.).
  • "Counties/Kreis/Departments" English language French, Swiss and German districts.

Way out stuff: Projects that are Not past the planning stage/ Distant projects/ not yet gotten to items are here Proposals

Other Wikia Sites

  • The doctor occasionally makes house calls to other wikis. If there is some emergency need, please don't hesitate to contact me.

History of work

2009-11-6 Small run- Info pages-> Facts pages. AnimeBill's contributions 2009-11-5 Person Showfacts person- add get globals (adds tabs and other data from sensor page), delete {{SMW templates}} (performance). 2009-11-3 mass delete of wrong page creates by PhloxBot, also nuked images uploaded by a person fascinated with road signs. 2009-11-02 Completed *Add /tree and /sensor subpages to all articles with showfacts or showwinfo person templates. (+20K pages) 2009-10-22 pyWP: *rename all cap name articles using info pages main, tree & info pages moved. (120 sets) 2009-10-21 AWB: *remove all cap names in properties of info pages- also remove names set to "unknown" or "not found" 2009-10-02 *Affected: articles using Template:showfacts person-ex (about 1000)

    • Objective: Flip everyone back over from the experimental version to the newly upgraded stable version. Also performing minor cleanups- semicolon to plus delimiter, addition of infobox-links to articles that have subpages for ancestors, descendants and so on.

2009-09-29 *Affected: articles using Template:showfacts person

  • Objective: Upgrade old (double flush) version of showfacts suite of templates to the new Template:showfacts person-ex version. The mechanism used was not to parse the multiple old templates. Instead, this did a subst from the old properties using an ask, depositing the values in the new template. A second pass did clean up and tidying values- eg: deleting the empty parameters, and parsing the dates into year, month and day.

2009-06-11 Maintenance- Increase familypedia site efficiency by reducing excessive expensive WP function calls. (autowikibrowser) 2007-11-25 cleanup of early error of wp use with Categories in templates. Reloading those affected from WP. 2007-11-22 First pass of Cat Placename Born in.. Died in.... Rationalizing other placename cats. Many non conformant cats "Scottish" "Lithuania Births" remain- difficult to find because many don't have intact supercats. 2007-11-20 *Uploading USA counties, creating a forum for each. Alphabetical state order (3100 identified).

  • Phase two of Time move Year Birth -> Born in Year, Died in Year/ decade/ century

2007-11-18 *Uploaded UK counties (188 identified historic as well as current ceremonial), creating a forum for each. England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland.

  • Uploaded India districts (561 identified on WP)

2007-11-15 *Overwriting state articles with current WP versions.

  • Uploading genealogy cats, genetic anthropology, family history articles
    • Category:Kinship and descent
    • Category:Genetic genealogy
    • Category:Anthropological categories of peoples
    • Category:Origin hypotheses of ethnic groups

2007-11-12 *County test run:Virginia
2007-11-11 *cleanup run of templates- ns:category bug in some of the PD templates eg US army, also problems created by irregular :en: style links. bot rev:08
2007-11-08 All articles complete- Load missing Templates and Images- All Pages in Namespace 0 (Main).

  • 2007-11-05 enWP articles only- Load missing Templates & Images
  • 2007-11-04 Maintenance run- Auto upload Images and Templates for Presidents
  • 2007-10-31 Births by date, deaths by date (See discussion Forum:Births by Year/Deaths by Year)
  • 2007-10-31 Move year and death cats, along with articles for years and decades.
  • 2007-11-01 Info Page creation: Presidents of the US
  • 2007-09-07 Retired Category:List of People by Surnames. Moved to Surnames.
  • 2007-09-06 cat move all immigrants of switz to emigrants from.
  • 2007-09-06 New bot.