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  • {{DEFAULTSORT: Surname, Givenname}} {{surname|Surname}} {{born|1895}} {{died|1973}}
  • <ref>{{cite |author= |url= |title= |date= |accessdate=2022-08-08 |quote= |publisher= |location= }}</ref>
  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958)

Best places to store genealogical biographies[]

  •, building a tree is free, but it is not designed for adding prose. You pay to be able to see documents and get information from other trees.
  •, free to build a tree, you pay to merge. They pulled an unpopular move where you had to pay to add new people to your tree, but they rescinded the policy. You pay to merge your tree into the forest.
  • Familypedia, unlimited images and a good archival history, friendly to adding prose
  • Findagrave, five images of 250 Mb and a good archival history. In the past, volunteer editors deleted images. I had about 50 images deleted because they thought "they were too similar" or they deleted images of death certificates because: "We are not a genealogy site". So of the six images known of my great grandmother, they deleted five and left one.
  • Facebook, add a Facebook page for a dead relative and store a biography and images.
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Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) in August 2007

Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) on December 25, 2002

Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) circa 1963

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IMPORTANT: Please use the "Email this user" button on the left to write to me, or leave a message on the "discussion" page with a way to contact you. If you leave a message on my talk page without leaving a way for me to contact you we will never end up exchanging information. Three people left messages for me that were important, but never left a way to contact them, so we never got to exchange information. You can also contact me via Facebook.

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I see no need to copy and paste every geography article into Familypedia from Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia is updated continually, editors add yearly updates on elections and population changes, while our versions are static.
  • Wikipedia has the images.
  • Wikipedia has other internal links while we just create a page of red links.
  • Linking to Wikipedia is seamless.
  • We should concentrate on genealogy and on cemeteries and on historical societies that are neglected by Wikipedia, instead of spending our limited time cutting and pasting work that is already freely available.


I tend to avoid the standard Familypedia templates because they clutter the page and create empty headers that will never be filled. The current disambiguation template creates more text at the top of the page to explain disambiguation than there is names to disambiguate. It also creates three empty headers that create visual clutter and confusion.

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Please use the "Email this user" button on the left to write to me, or leave a message on the "discussion" page with a way to contact you.


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  • {{birth date and ago|1895|2|16}} {{death date and age|1987|3|7|1895|2|16}} {{years ago caption|1895|2|16}}
  • ==Images== <gallery> </gallery>
  • {{Person |Name = |Image = |Sex = |Birth = {{birth date and ago|1895|2|16}} |Baptism = |Emigration = |Siblings = |Death = {{death date and age|1987|3|7|1895|2|16}}<br>{{years ago caption raw|1895|2|16}} |Burial = |Father = |Mother = |Spouse = |Marriage = {{marriage date and age|1987|3|7|1895|2|16}}<br>{{years ago caption raw|1895|2|16}} |Children = |2nd Spouse = |2nd Marriage = |3rd Spouse = |3rd Marriage = |4th Spouse = |4th Marriage = |5th Spouse = |5th Marriage = |Findagrave = }}
  • {{Showfacts person |given_name= |middle_name= |surname= |sex=F |father= |mother= |familysearch_afn= |joined_with= |image= |short_name= |sources= |birth_year= |birth_month= |birth_day= |birth_locality= |birth_county= |birth_nation-subdiv1= |birth_nation= |death_year= |death_month= |death_day= |death_locality= |death_county=London |death_nation-subdiv1= |death_nation= |ifmarried-g1=true |wedding1_year= |wedding1_month= |wedding1_day= |wedding1_locality= |wedding1_nation-subdiv1= |wedding1_nation= |globals={{get globals}} }}

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