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See some of my ancestors on this wiki starting at Robin Forlonge Patterson (1940) (and you may look at the partly-written Robin Forlonge Patterson (1940)/autobiography). is my tribalpages site with over 14,000 relatives, collaterals, inlaws, and a few strays, updated to 2014 - or March 2018 if the latest upload goes well. No guarantee of total accuracy but mostly fairly well checked; corrections welcome! In April 2022 my FTM file was updated on Geneanet- see above.

My WorldConnect file (similar to TribalPages but with truly excellent ancestry and descendant charts) was still unable to be updated on 13 May 2018, though other parts of RootsWeb had been fixed. To find it once you reach WorldConnect, search for William Gibson Patterson, born 1915 in Wellington. Mine is ~robinp but there are partial copies by other people.

My data on Geni was uploaded in 2009 and I have done little with it since; other people have extended it backwards in time in several lines and added numerous distant cousins - not all genuine.

My Central Fandom/Wikia address.

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. Possible descendant of Muhammad (though The Henry Project severs a link in the line that showed me)

Prominent relatives[]

Tangata whenua[]

Much more likely than Caesar is the current relationship to the man believed to be the last full-blooded Moriori: tells me that Tame Horomona Rehe (1884-1933) "is Robin Forlonge Patterson's third cousin's wife's second great uncle's wife's second great niece's husband's father!" - - but that doesn't make him a relative in the normal sense of the word. As that zigzag path includes Cochrane relatives, my "Patterson" cousins and second cousins have the same relationship to Tame, while the Patterson and Cochrane third cousins have a slightly closer relationship. Most of the New Zealanders in the path were born in the South Island, unsurprisingly. See more on my Moriori subpage.

Related question: are there any full-blooded Maori left? If so, would they please display their known whakapapa on Familypedia? (See also my Maori links subpage.)

Other connexions[]

Member of New Zealand Society of Genealogists since 1974.
I was one of the "top" 20 volunteer contributors to web directory Zeal - where my first interest was genealogy.
I have been active on a few Wiktionaries and a dozen Wikipedias etc; see, for example,; commended on the "Te Reo" Wikipedia by the fellow whom I had promoted but who later demoted me.

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Some Essex relatives[]

(and related Scots)

0 - William LUCKYN b: c 1570 Shinges? otherwise Mascalls, in Great Baddow, Essex d: c 1610
  -  +Margaret JENNY b: c 1570 Father: Thomas JENNY 			
--	1 [Sir] William LUCHAN/LUCKYN b: 1594 Gt Baddow, Essex? d: c 1659
----- +Mildred CAPELL b: c 1594 [3rd dau] m: c 1619
------- 2 [Sir] Capell LUCKYN b: c 1621 d: c 1680
---------- +Mary GRIMSTON b: c 1632 Father: (Sir) Harbottle GRIMSTON, 2ND BT	Mother: Mary CROKE d: 18 Mar 1718/19	
------------	3 [Sir] William LUCKYN b: c 1663 d: c 1708	
--------------- +Mary SHERRINGTON b: c 1663 m: 1 Dec 1681 St Peter's, Cornhill, [London? Essex?]	Father: William SHERRINGTON	Mother: Elizabeth [SHERRINGTON] d: c Nov 1749	
---------------- 4 [Sir] Harbottle LUCKYN b: c 1682 d: 4 Feb 1636/37 Messing, Essex [unmarried]	
---------------- 4 William LUCKYN/GRIMSTON b: c 1686
-- *2nd Wife of [Sir] William LUCHAN/LUCKYN:
----- +Elizabeth PYNCHON	b: 1604 to 1614 m: 1 Dec 1634 St Bride's, London	Father: Sir Edward PINCHON Mother: Dorothy WESTON d: 7 Jul 1667	
------- 2 Dorothy LUCHAN	b: c 1650						
---------- +John/James LOCKHART b: c 1656 m: c 1685 Father: William LOCKHART Mother: Robina SEWSTER			
------------	3 Ann/e LOCK[H]ART b: c 1690
--------------- +[Capt] John POLLOK OF BALGRAY b: c 1690 Father: Sir Robert [1st Bt] POLLOK	Mother: Annabella STEWART
---------------- 4 [Lady] Robina POLLOK b: c 1730 d: 1820
-------------------	 +[Sir] Hew CRAWFORD-POLLOK [2ND BT] b: c 1730 m: c 1755 Father: Hew CRAWFORD OF JORDANHILL Mother: Mary GREENSHIELDS d: 1794
---------------------5 Mary CRAWFURD b: c 1758 d: 1842
------------------------ +John Hamilton of BARDOWIE
--------------------- *2nd Husb of Mary CRAWFURD:
------------------------ +General Fletcher of SALTOUN m: 1775
--------------------- 5 [Sir] Robert CRAWFORD-POLLOK [3RD BT]	b: 1762 d: 7 Aug 1845 [dsp]	
--------------------- 5 Hew CRAWFURD b: c 1763 d: 25 Dec 1831
------------------------ +Jane JOHNSTONE Father: William Johnstone of HEADFORT
--------------------- 5 Robina Lockhart CRAWFURD b: c 1766 d: 1837 [unmarried]	
--------------------- 5 Lucken/Luchan (Lucy) CRAWFORD	b: c 1767 (3rd daughter) d: 13 Dec 1850	
------------------------ +John GORDON-CUMING-SKENE b: 9 Jun 1761 Pitlurg, ABD, SCT m: 1782 to 1783 Father: John GORDON-CUMING OF PITLURG ETC	Mother: Mary FULLERTON d: 6 Apr 1828

Lucken Crawford and John Gordon were my nearest ancestors among those. Robina Sewster's mother was Anna, sister of Oliver Cromwell.

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