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I have no personal Romanian genealogy in recent centuries, but genealogy of the whole world is covered in the multilingual Genealogy Wikia, a free wiki called "Familypedia". See <a href="" target=>my lens that introduces it and leads you step-by-step through the process of creating your first page on it</a>.

Same easy software and markup as on Wikipedia, with some specialized extensions just to make genealogy easier.

The wiki has separate pages for each county in the U.S. and Great Britain and Ireland and can have similar pages for any small division of any country. Each can easily link to existing or potential pages listing people who were born, married, or died or merely lived in that place and other things such as land and census records and cemeteries.

Any individual and any surname can have their own dedicated page, with very easy creation of links to any other page on the wiki or outside it.

Give it a try! Friendly "experts" will help.

Anna's other daughters are presumably dead now too. Rest in peace, ladies!

Their life stories (with any number of alternative names) would be welcome on the Genealogy Wikia. It has a few pages mentioning Andy Warhol but no "Varchola" or "Kovach" yet. Anyone who can type and click can edit it - same as on Wikipedia.

Julie, I expect you've read about that, or soon will. But most of your visitors probably haven't.

The genealogy of the whole world is covered in the free, multilingual Genealogy Wikia, a wiki nicknamed "Familypedia". See <a href="" target=>my lens that introduces it and leads you step-by-step through the process of creating your first page on it</a>.

Individuals and surnames and places have their own dedicated pages, with very easy creation of links to any other page on the wiki or outside it.

Please have a look and a try. Friendly old-timers will help you. (919)919

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30 May 2010 on twitter:, the #genealogy #wiki, with over 75,430 articles, is #Wikia's fourth-biggest site. #Semantic #MediaWiki is working.


On Jun 15, 1:57 pm, MoonMullins <> wrote: > On Jun 14, 5:08 pm, wrote: > > >

> > In a message dated 6/14/2009 5:05:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> > writes:
> > > Beyond this discussion group, does anyone know of a website for
> > > collaborative research to break through the brick walls in medieval
> > > genealogy?  What I have in mind is wiki-oriented site that is
> > > searchable by the individual's name, along with corresponding web-
> > > pages with all the known information about that individual.
> > > Seems to me such a site, if it does not already exist, would
> > > facilitate more progress in medieval genealogy.>>
> > > ----------------------


> Thanks. I like the wiki-format very much - exactly what I have in
> mind. However it appears that each page stands alone.  What is needed
> to really build participation, in my opinion, is a portal, or search
> page, through which all "brick-walls" are linked, so that one can
> search for all existing profiles (and by default, know when a new
> profile is needed), along with an index page when there are multiple
> matches on a particular name, which in turn would include birth/death
> dates, etc., to easily distinguish one from another.

MoonMullins, you and others should find just about everything you want (free) on the Genealogy Wikia.

WJhonson is already a member. I'm surprised he didn't suggest it; but he hasn't edited much lately, so maybe it's not his style. We have a dozen pages for Marianne Dillow's ancestors in addition to the many she shares with a couple of United States Presidents.

The search box picks up any word of four letters or more, listing first the pages that have it in their titles then all others that have it somewhere in the text. Then if you don't find an article about your brick wall person you can write your own and link it easily to all his or her relatives' pages and display Ahnentafel and other "tree" charts and as many external links as you like. Each page can be in any number of categories, for surname, birthplace, birth year, birth decade, ...

The site is in the process of incorporating Semantic MediaWiki, which allows deep searches on selected facts. The following example displays in a table (with selected other facts in sortable columns) all people in the database who were born in New South Wales whose father was born in the 1750s:

While you are waiting for some Google searcher to find your page, you can join in "Project Charlemagne", which is wikifying the whole of that great progenitor's descendancy. 885 at last count, all linked, and it's only a matter of time before we match Ton Deunhouwer's file of 100,000+ descendants. See

Come and have a look. It doesn't displace email groups but can be a very helpful accompaniment. It has a forum system that facilitates discussions on specific threads, and you can edit a previous contribution if you want to reword it. You can set your email preferences so that you get notified when a page you are watching has been edited, so you don't have to read every heading in the digest! But if you do want to keep up with all activity, you can skim "Recent Changes", which lists every edit.

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This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia. The original content was at User:Robin Patterson/WIP. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License.

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  1. {{Biography SMW}} should not specify a year for an event when the title of the page says the event was before that year or after that year - discussed in the proper place: Template talk:Biography SMW. Preferably also not saying "in" a specified year when the text said "c" or "Abt".
  2. Infobox and offspring box overlap. Probably not a Yewenyi conversion fault. See Forum:Offspring box width.
  3. In the surname category, lists in order of surname, which is wrong for that category (not the conversion's fault if it just copied the category, but I have evidence it can re-create them); solution will be to use {{surname}} instead of the raw category.
  4. Should DEFAULTSORT include first names (as has been recommended), not just surname?


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  2. 2009-06-29T16:13:32 (hist) (diff) m Models of migration to the New World ‎ (AWB cleanup- template:wp) (top) [rollback]
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  3. 2009-06-29T13:35:56 (hist) (diff) m Dorothy Willard (1892-?) ‎ (Upgrade Yewenyi gedcoms) (top) [rollback]
  4. 2009-06-29T13:32:51 (hist) (diff) m Dorris Muriel Sherriff (1894-1971) ‎ (Upgrade Yewenyi gedcoms) (top) [rollback]
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Central Talk page[]

==Portuguese Genealogy Wikia==
I seem to have upset the founder. After a mere two days working on the wiki (in March), the founder comes back in June and blocks me. 
I had replaced the "About" page (which was basically the same as two other pages) with the text used in the application for the wiki.

That wiki has so little content and so few contributors that it could well be merged into the predominantly English-language version. 
However, its stated purpose is to help a group of genealogists with interests primarily in one of the 26 states of Brazil, as an 
adjunct to their Yahoo! group. Seems to me like an extremely restrictive use of a Wikia with a distinctive and simple name that should 
be for all possible Portuguese-language genealogy worldwide. I will be interested to see whether it develops. If the founder tries to 
restrict its use, Wikia management should probably step in and remind the founder that Wikia owns it.

[[User:Robin Patterson|Robin Patterson]] 06:14, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

:I would approach it as a misunderstanding first by writing a message on the owner's root site talk page.  [[User:Chadlupkes|Chadlupkes]] 13:45, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

== New "Genealogy Wiki" must be a mistake ==

I've said as much on its forum. — [[User:Robin Patterson|Robin Patterson]] [[User talk:Robin Patterson|(Talk)]] 15:52, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

unrelated thanks[]

Dear Robin,

I'm writing to thank you for providing a missing piece of a puzzle in a kindly suggestion you made on the blog "Loopy Mummy" in 2006. My father, now 70, of Christchurch NZ, remembered a fragment of a verse of the kids' song "roll up, stagger up" (etc) which none of the rest of us knew: "Adam was the first man, or so we all believe". Your post provided the rest of that missing verse.

It's interesting to note the evolution of these um, "naughty" songs over time and distance. I grew up in Dunedin in the seventies - eighties and noted some minor differences between the chorus I learned, and yours (hide versus park one's beer behind the door), but an overwhelming similarity between the two when contrasted with American versions of the song I found on the internet.

If you can recall any other particularly memorable verses, please drop me an email at!

Best - KR, now in the USA

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