About Me[]

Hi, my name is Tom Chatt, and I've had an interest in genealogy as long as I can remember, though it's only in recent years that it's turned into an obsession a more serious pursuit. Professionally, I'm a software technologist, living in Los Angeles. This is my first experience contributing to a wiki, and I began contributing to here on June 15, 2006. My first page was on Captain William Henry Dobbs (1716-1781), a particularly colorful ancestor who was a privateer, nautical pilot, and served in the American Revolution.

(NOTE 12/31/2006: I am shifting my focus away from this site and over to, which I find has a much more ideal combination of free-form wiki with structured data.)

Family Clusters I Am Working On[]

Taylor, Holt, Dobbs: New York and colonial New England

Sherratt: Aberdeenshire, Scotland --> Ontario, Canada
Spring, Farquharson of Finzean: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

(related families include Cattanach, Cromar, Shaw, Garden, Mortimer, and Gordon)

Wilhite, Ramsey: Virginia -> eastern Tennessee -> Illinois

Chatt: Northumberland, England -> Illinois / Indiana

Brautman/Brantman: possibly Czernowitz --> New York City
Littmann: Bohemia(?) --> New York City

Scheidemann, Reuscher, Weitzel: Norka, Russia -> Kansas -> California

O'Hargan/Harrigan: Ireland -> western New York -> California
Comstock: colonial New England -> Nauvoo, PA
Slater: colonial New England -> Wisconsin

Carmelich, Marincovich, Cvitanich: Bol, Brac, Split, Croatia
Uglesich, Mircovich: Veli Rat, Dugi Otok, Zadar, Croatia

Places of Interest[]

  • Cocke County, Tennessee, early 1800s
  • Allendale, Hexham, Northumberland, England
  • Aberdeenshire, Scotland (particularly Birse and Lumphanan parishes)

Other Contributions to Genealogy[]


I'm a native English speaker, with some ability to communicate in French and Spanish. I've also proven capable of some amount of decoding of genealogical records in Italian, Croatian, and Hebrew.

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