Doing researching on the Burwell families of Ohio and Iowa, the Romero family of Northern New Mexico, the Talbert families of Minnesota and North Carolina; the Talbot family of Pennsylvania; the Tombaugh families of Western Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kansas; and the Walker families of Western Massachusetts, Ohio, and Kansas. Forum:Watercooler

Location: United States
Researched since: April 2005
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Surnames: Walker, Tombaugh
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Walker Ancestry[]

4th Generation[]

5th Generation[]

6th Generation[]

7th & 8th Generations[]

  • Henry Wiswell
  • Job Burwell
  • Catherine Custard
  • William Custard

Pedigree Chart[]

William Walker (1836-1907)
Albert James Walker (1859-1925)
Hayes L. Walker (1890-1948)
Joseph Burwell (1834-1923)
Emma Burwell (1865-1942)
Sarah Eby (1837-1915)
Isaiah Tombaugh (1824-c1879)
Jonas Tombaugh (1854-1932)
MaryAnn Margaret Tombaugh (1891-1988)
Mary K. Simon (1872-1950)

Talbert Ancestry[]

3rd Generation[]

4th Generation[]

  • Thomas Talbert (1837-1911)
  • Rachel Stubbs (1841-1929)
  • George F. H. Read (1844-1908)
  • Adeline Stivers (1860-1957)

  • Thomas Beard
  • Elizabeth Beard
  • Thomas Talbert (1769-1841)

Surname Categories[]

Origin: Pennsylvania Dutch (Germany)
Variant(s): Tombough

Pages In Progress[]


New England[]

Mid-Atlantic States[]



For Future Research[]

  • Cristobal Romero
  • Delfido Romero (1890-1968)

Disambiguation Candidates[]

  • Alexander Walker
  • Joseph Walker

  • George Abney
  • Thomas Cottam (Disambiguation)
  • Catherine Eldert
  • Alexander Jones
  • Thomas Raisbeck (Disambiguation)
  • Joseph Szczesny

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