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Also see: Papal Leaders

What follows relates to the User Zephyrinus. Using an old pope's name as a user name takes no imagination.

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health statement[]

Dear Visitor:

I recently discovered Wikia.

Please be nice. I have a fragile heart.

And body. Just to let you know in case I vanish without notice: my health isn't the best. I tend to burn brightly for an instant, before fading just as rapidly. When I have those days or weeks of health, I tend to work feverishly long into the night; before sometimes months of bedriddenness. I realise procedures can rightly take more time than my desire to jam all of them into my few moments of health. Kindly forgive my badgering if things don't happen as quickly as I want them to; being quiet is difficult for the verbose.

And verbose I am. I am a novelist rather than a poet. I take several paragraphs (or chapters) to describe what a poet could say in a few lines. A pre-apology: sorry for taking so much of your time.

Best wishes.


Zephyrinus 01:44, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

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Person-pages that need upgrading[]

(Any that include question-marks in their names should be first renamed to cut those out.)

Zephyrinus did some splendid work here before he departed. One of us who remain should upgrade those articles.