Hello everyone! Sometimes, about this great wiki, I think:

¿Who founded Familypedia? ¿What's the real purpose? ¿When it was founded?

¿Why did they choose family pages?

I know, this is so confusing, hope ones reply me Emoticon_blush.png . Considering I not edit too many on this wiki, I've heared many about this. ¿How it feels have a wiki with many editors? we have more than 200 pages. We're the 2nd most big wiki (1st, ScratchPad Wiki).

More, more, and more questions; but now something completely different

On any time, this will be migrated to the UCP? This wiki uses the old classic editor and doesn't have Discussions. I think many about that. Another question is why Familypedia doesn't have a Discord server, or, MediaWiki:ImportJS page: I know, the page exists, but all the scripts they imported are broken or archived. Why it doesn't have a wordmark? This suggestion comes directly to you, admins. How time do you dedicate to Familypedia?

Hope you reply my questions.