Vasili Mikhailovich III (Василий Михайлович III), Prince of Kashin, was born 1364 to Mikhail Aleksandrovich of Tver (1333-1399) and Yevdokiya Konstantinovna of Suzdal and died 1426 of unspecified causes. He married Anastasiya Vladimirovna (c1367-1396) . Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

Vasili Mikhailovich (III) (1364-1426) was Prince of Kashin from 1389 to 1426. He was the son of Grand Prince of Tver Mikhail Aleksandrovich of Tver (1333-1399) and Princess Yevdokiya Konstantinovna of Suzdal. Ha married Amastasiya Vladimirovna, daughter of Prince Vladimir Olgierdovich of Kiev. They had a son - Dmitri Vasilyevich (c1390-c1430).

Before the death of his father in 1399, he received from him, along with his nephew Ivan Borisovich Kashin and Kosnjatin. After that, for almost a quarter of a century, he fought his brother Ivan Mikhailovich because of Kashin. Having reconciled with him once again in 1425, received from Vasily II Kashin.

The following year he was taken into custody on the order of Boris Aleksandrovich of Tver , after which information about him disappears.

He was the last independent Prince of Kashin.


Offspring of Vasili Mikhailovich III (Василий Михайлович III) and Anastasiya Vladimirovna (c1367-1396)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dmitri Vasilyevich (c1390-c1430)


#g1: Offspring of Mikhail Aleksandrovich of Tver (1333-1399) and Evdokia Konstantinovna of Suzdal
Name Birth Death Joined with
Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1355-1357) , ,
Ivan Mikhailovich of Tver (1357-1425) , ,
Mikhail Aleksandrovich of Tver (1333-1399) 1333, Pskov, Pskov Rayon, Pskov Oblast, Russia 25 August 1399, Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia Evdokia Konstantinovna of Suzdal
Aleksandr Mikhailovich "Ordynets"(c1360-1389) , ,
Boris Mikhailovich of Tver (1362-1395) , ,
Fyodor Mikhailovich of Mikulin (c1365-1409) , ,


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