Vasili Semyonovich Krasnyi was born 1395 to Semyon Dmitriyevich Drutsky (c1365-c1425) and died 1450 of unspecified causes.

Genus Drutsk Father Semyon Dmitrievich Droutsky Spouse Princess Vorotynskaya Children Ivan Vasilievich Red

Vasili Semyonovich Krasnyi (c1410-c1450) - statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania , a representative of the princely family of Drutsky , governor of Vitebsk since 1431 .


Vasili Semyonovich Krasnyi, was part of the princely family of Drutsky. he was the son of Prince Semyon Dmitrievich Drutsky (died after 1422), vassal of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas Keystutovich. Brothers - princes Ivan Baba, Ivan Putyata, Dmitri Sokira Zubravitsky, Mikhail Boloban and Grigori Drutsky .

Mentioned in historical documents in 1431 as the governor of Vitebsk. During the Civil War in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1432-1438) Prince Vasili Semyonovich Krasnyi and his brothers supported the ousted Grand Duke of Lithuania Švitrigaila in the struggle against Sigismund Kęstutaitis.

In 1432, Vasily Semenovich Drutsky participated on the side of Švitrigaila in the battle of Oshmyany, where together with his brother Dmitri Sokira was taken prisoner.

He was married to the sister of the appanage Verkhovsky prince Fyodor Lvovich Vorotynsky, from whose marriage he had a son Ivan's son .


Offspring of Vasili Semyonovich Krasnyi and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Vasilyevich Krasnyi Slutsky


Offspring of Semyon Dmitriyevich Drutsky (c1365-c1425) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Semyonovich Bolshoy Baba Slutsky (c1388-c1438)
Ivan Semyonovich Menshoy Putyata Slutsky (c1390-c1442)
Dmitri Semyonovich Sokira Zubrevitsky Slutsky (c1392-c1445) 1392 1445
Vasili Semyonich Krasnyi Drutsky (c1395-c1450) 1395 1450
Mikhail Semyonovich Drutsky-Boloban (c1398-1435)
Grigori Semyonovich Drutsky (c1400-c1460)


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