Vasili Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (Василий Всеволодович), Prince of Yaroslavl, was born before 1228 in Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia to Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl (1210-1238) and Olga Olgovna of Kursk (c1211-c1270) and died 1249 Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes.

Vasili Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (Russian: Василий Всеволодович Князь Ярославский) was the elder of two sons of Vsevolod Konstantinovich the first prince of Yaroslavl. He inherited the title after his father's death and became the second Prince of Yaroslavl .


Vasili Vsevolodovich was born not later than 1229. Chronicles mention him for the first time in chronicles as one of the princes, who were able to escape during the invasion of Batu Khan in 1238.

After his father's death in the Battle of the Sit River (1238), having become the ruler of the Principality of Yaroslavl, he went to the Golden Horde, to which Yaroslavl was a vassal, to seek the investiture of Batu Khan which he was able to obtain. He returned to the Golden Horde twice: in 1244, with his uncle, Vladimir Konstantinovich of Uglich, also in matters related to his investiture, and in 1245, with Yaroslav II, Grand Prince of Vladimir, the scope of this voyage not being known.

From his marriage to Ksenia, a princess whose family is not known, had a son Vasili, who is mentioned under the year of his father's death and about which nothing more is known, and a daughter, Anastasia, who married Fyodor Rostislavich Chyornyi.

Vasili Vsevolodovich died in 1249 in Vladimir, a guest of the Grand Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal. He was buried in the Dormition Cathedral, Yaroslavl. The funeral service, conducted by the Bishop of Rostov, Kirill was attended by his cousins Aleksandr Nevsky (Grand Prince of Kiev and of Vladimir-Suzdal), Boris Vasilkovich of Rostov and Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero and their mother princess Maria Mikhailovna of Chernigov.

Canonization by the Russian Orthodox Church

Vasili Vsevolodovich and his brother Konstantin Vsevolodovich were canonized after their relics had been found in 1501 after a fire in the Dormition Cathedral, Yaroslavl. The relics have become a major treasure of the Cathedral. In 1744, due to negligence, a fire started from a candle, destroyed the shrine where the relics were kept. The parts of the relics which could be recovered are now stored in a silver casket in the same cathedral.

The two Holy Princes are celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church on July 3, day of Konstantin's death and on May 23, dedicated to all the saints of Rostov and Yaroslav.


Offspring of Vasili Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (Василий Всеволодович) and Ksenia
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Vasilyevich of Yaroslavl (c1248-c1250) 1248 1250
Anastasia Vasilyevna of Yaroslavl (c1240-c1275) 1240 Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia 1275 Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia Fyodor Rostislavich Chyornyi (1233-1299)


#g1: Offspring of Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl (1210-1238) and Olga Olgovna of Kursk (c1211-c1270)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (c1228-1249) 1228, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia 1249, Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia Ksenia
Konstantin Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (c1230-1255) 1230, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia 16 July 1257, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia (Battle of Mount Tugov)


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl (1218-1238)
Prince of Yaroslavl
Succeeded by
Konstantin Vsevolodovich of Yaroslavl (1249-1257)