Vasilko Leonovich was born 1105 to Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II (c1070-1116) and Maritsa Vladimirovna (c1085-1146) and died 8 August 1135 Battle of the Supoy River (1135) of Killed in battle.

Vasilko (Vasily) Leonovich (Lvovich; Marichich, Marichinich (c1095 - August 8, 1135 , near Pereyaslavl ) - the son of Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II, a pretender to the Byzantine throne and Russian princess Maritsa (Maria) Vladimirovna, daughter of Vladimir Monomonakh.

Maritsa Vladimirovna was married to Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II, who appeared in the early 12th century in Russia, pretending to be Leo Diogenes, the son of the Byzantine emperor Romanos Diogenes, who had died in 1087, in a battle with the Pechenegs. Russian chronicles call him a prince "Leon Devgenich." The Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir Monomonakh, recognized the impostor as a real imperial son and decided to support his claims, if not for the Byzantine throne, then at a number of Byzantine cities on the Danube , where he intended to create a state dependent on Kiev under the nominal rule of Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II.

Vladimir Monomonakh selected the city of Voin, part of the Principality of Pereyaslavl for his daughter and her husband. During the excavations at the site of this city, a breast cross was found with an inscription in Greek: "Lord, help your servant Leon." It is assumed that it could have belonged to Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II.

The campaign of the troops of Vladimir and Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II on Byzantium was not crowned with success. Pseudo-Leo Diogenes II was killed by assassins. Vasilko was brought up by his mother Mariya-Maritsa, perhaps that is why he is called Marić, Mariinich, Maričić, Marićinich in the annals. They probably lived in Kiev, where Vasilko grew up and eventually began to serve his uncles, the sons of Vladimir Monomonakh.

Vasilko died in the course of the next conflict between Vladimir Monomonakh' sons and the prince of Chernigov Vsevolod Olgovich.

In the summer of 1135, the prince of Chernigov Vsevolod Olgovich laid siege to Pereyaslavl, where Andrei Vladimirovich Dobryi, son of Vladimir Monomonakh, reigned. To help Andrei Vladimirovich Dobryi moved his troops, led by the Grand Prince of Kiev, Yaropolk . However, on August 8 they were defeated by Vsevolod Olgovich in the Battle on the Supoy River.

Yaropolk with his brothers brought troops to the headwaters of Supoy River. According to the chronicles, the Vladimirovichs overestimated their forces and fought with the enemy even before they had fully concentrated and equipped their troops. It was possible to achieve private success: the senior squad overturned the Polovtsians and began to pursue them. Meanwhile, the rest of the troops could not resist Vsevolod Olgovich and retreated. The boyars returned from persecution began to gather under the enemy Yaropolk raised by the enemy and were captured in large numbers, including tysyatsky. Vasilko died in this battle.



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