Vasilko Yuryevich Rurik of Suzdal was born circa 1118 to Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157) and Anna of Cumania (c1092-c1135) and died 1162 of unspecified causes.

Vasilko Yurievich (after 1161 ) - Prince of Suzdal ( 1149 - 1151 ), Poros ( 1155 - 1161 ), son of Yuri Dolgoruky from his marriage to Anna of Cumania the daughter of Polovtsian Ayub Khan.

After the enthronement of Yuri Dolgoruky as Grand Prince of Kiev in 1149 ha appointed his deputy in Suzdal . After the final confirmation of his title, in 1155, he did not plant install one of his sons in Suzdal, and soon Andrei Yuryevich left Vyshgorod for Vladimir . After the death of his father (1157), Vasilko was kept in the south until 1161 (then, with the participation of Vasilko and the Chorni Klobuky, Izyaslav Davydovich died in the struggle for the Kiev reign ). Then, together with other relatives, he was sent by Andrei Yuryevich to Byzantium, where he ruled certain possessions on the Danube .

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