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  • Born: 24 July 1813
  • Married:
  1. Theodore Washington LIVINGSTON b: c. 1806 d: 12 October 1832
  2. James M______ LEES b: 22 February 1805 d: 03 October 1842
  3. James Gillespie COWAN b: 27 April 1802 d: 13 April 1872 in Pleasant Hill, Lowndes Co., AL
  • Died: 02 October 1876
  • Burial:


Virginia CLOPTON was the daughter of daughter of James B______ CLOPTON and Mary T______ "Polly" REES


  1. 24 May 1832 -- Theodore Washington LIVINGSTON
  2. 19 May 1835 -- James M______ LEES
  3. 06 August 1850 -- James Gillespie COWAN, son of John [ Alexander] COWAN and Rosanna "Anna / Annie" GILLESPY/GILLESPIE

Child List[]

  1. Mary Cornelia LIVINGSTON b: 12 July 1829 d: 14 July 1842
  2. Edwin Neptune LEES b: 04 November 1837 d: 15 July 1862
  3. Martha Francis "Mattie" COWAN b: 20 April 1853 d: 28 March 1885

Family History[]

  • Of interest from Blue's History of Montgomery ... pg. 64
June 19, (1831) — Robert Foster was killed by Dr. J. B. Clopton with a gun. Dr. Clopton being informed that Mr. Foster had fatally stabbed his son-in-law, Mr. T. W. Livingston, he seized his gun and pursued him around the corner of Commerce and Tallapoosa streets, and finally shot him at the corner of Washington and Tallapoosa streets. Dr. Clopton was tried and imprisoned a short time in the jail. Mr. Livingston recovered from the wound. [Even though he survived the stabbing, he died about 18 months later on October 12, 1832!]

Alternative Interpretation[]

Virginia CLOPTON may have been James Lees second wife? (There is a Rosa Ester Lees listed in Virginia CLOPTON’s Bible pages.)

Rosa Ester Lees … born 25 August 1826

(She could be a much younger sister of James, or a daughter by a previous marriage.)

Rosa Ester Lees married Henry Jones on April 5, 1842.

1842 was not a good year for Virginia Clopton …

  • She lost both her second husband and her daughter from the Livingston marriage.
  • There was a yellow fever epidemic in 1841 that was reportedly quite bad in the southern states. Perhaps they both died of yellow fever?
  • In 1840, there was a cholera epidemic that began sweeping through Alabama … another possible cause of their deaths?

Interesting that the Bible shows Edwin Neptune LEES death as 1862, but he is not in the 1850 or 1860 census with Virginia!


  1. Cowan family Bible pages
  2. 1836 letter written to Virginia (Clopton) Lees


  • Cowan Bible does not give T. W. Livingston’s birth date, but gives his death as:  “Oct 12, 1832 AC 26 years”
  • Jordan R. Dodd’s Early American Marriages: Alabama, 1800 to 1920, Orem, Utah
Theodore W. Livingston m. Virginia Clopton May 24, 1827 at Montgomery County, Alabama
  • Carolee Reynolds, Livingston Family History, 1921, pg. 210
  • Charles H. Browning, Americans of Royal Descent, Porter & Coates, 1891, Philadelphia

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