Valentin Konstantinovich of Uglich (Владимир Константинович) was born 1214 to Konstantin Vsevolodovich of Rostov (1186-1218) and Mariya Mstislavna of Smolensk (c1187-1220) and died 27 December 1249 Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes. He married Yevdokiya Ingvarevna of Ryazan (c1216-1278) 1232 JL in Moscow, Russia.

Vladimir Konstantin (1214-1249) - is the first Prince of Uglich (1218-1249).

Son of the Grand Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal Konstantin Vsevolodovich, was born in 1214. Together with Uncle Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, ha went to the Chernigov Prince Mikhail Vsevolodovich (1230). Participated in the Battle of the City (1238); after the defeat of the Russians, he fled.

In 1244 he went to the Golden Horde with the Grand Duke Yaroslav "about his father-in-law", that is, for the Khan to confirm the rights to his inheritance .

He died in 1249 in Vladimir. The body of the prince was taken to Uglich and laid in the Transfiguration Cathedral, Uglich.

In 1232 he married Ingvar Igorevich’s daughter Yevdokiya Ingvarevna. They had two sons, Andrei Vladimirovich and Roman Vladimirovich.


Offspring of Valentin Konstantinovich of Uglich (Владимир Константинович) and Yevdokiya Ingvarevna of Ryazan (c1216-1278)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Vladimirovich of Uglich (c1233-1261) 1233 1261
Roman Vladimirovich of Uglich (c1235-1285) 1235 3 February 1285 Aleksandra NN



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