Vladislav Kormilchich, Prince of Halych, was born circa 1175 and died circa 1230 of unspecified causes.

Volodymyr Kormilchich (years of birth and death unknown) - the Galician boyar . At the end of XII - beginning of the XIII century, he led the boyar opposition in the Galician-Volyn principality , which opposed the strengthening of the prince's power.

Short biography Great Roman at the time of his reign sent the boyars of Kormilchyts to exile. After the death of Roman ( 1205 ), the Kormilchiki returned to Galicia .

In 1206 the sons of Igor Svyatoslavich - Volodymyr , Roman and Sviatoslav captured Galicia and shared it with each other. In 1211 , Igorovichi in conflict with the Galician boyars killed the boyar crown. Volodymyr Kormilchich with other boyars called for the help of the Hungarian king Andrew II , at whose court lived a young Danilo Romanovich . Andrew II sent a troop with Danylo and Vladislav to Galicia. Volodymyr Kormilchich persuaded the inhabitants of Przemysl to hand over their city and Prince Svyatoslav without a fight.

After the siege of Zvenigorod and the battle with Igorovichi army entered Galich in September 1211 . Danila Romanovich was put on the throne. Dana's mother Anna came from Belza , but Volodymyr Kormilchich sent her from Galich, wishing to rule the Galician-Volyn principality. Princess Anna sought help from Andrew II. Hungarian and Volyn troops moved to Galich. The boyars were conquered, and the king took Vladislav Kormilchich to Hungary.

In the meantime, the Boyars invited Prince Mstislav the Nemo (Peresopnytsia) to himself . Anna and Danilo went to Hungary asking for help from the king. Andrew II began a campaign to Galich, but the news of the death of his wife from the Hungarian barons forced the troops to return. Meanwhile, Mstislav, not wanting to fight Hungarians, left Galich, and Vladislav Kormilchich returned to the city.

In 1213 Volodyslav Kormilchich proclaimed himself the Galician prince. Mstislav, with the help of the Russian princes and Krakow 's Leshek I White, returned to Galicia. Vladislav Kormilchich's wife was defeated over the Bibrets River, but the Galician siege of the Russo-Polish army failed, and they returned with nothing. After the conclusion in 1214 , in Spysh, the agreement between Hungarian king Andrew II and the prince of Cracow, Leszek White, on the division of the Galicia-Volyn lands between Hungary and Poland, Hungarian troops occupied Galicia. Vladislav Kormilchich was deprived of power and taken to Hungary, where he died.

He had brothers of Yavolod and Yaropolk [1].





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