Vysheslav Vladimirovich Rurik of Novgorod was born 977 to Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Olava (c960-c995) and died 1013 Novgorod of unspecified causes.

Vysheslav Vladimirovich of Novgorod was born not later than 980 (most likely around 977 ) from the first wife of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev, Varangian Olava (Allogia or Olova, according to other sources). He died after 1010 in Novgorod and was replaced on the throne of Novgorod by the Prince of Rostov Yaroslav the Wise. Yaroslav's older brothers, who could have replaced Vysheslav in Novgorod, were deprived of this opportunity for various reasons: Izyaslav had died in 1001, and Svyatopolk was transferred to Vyshgorod after 1013 under his father's supervision.

There is a version of the earlier death of Vysheslav. According to the stories of the sagas, Sigrid Storråda the widow of the Swedish king Eric rejected the king's proposal to marry a prince named Vissavald and burned him with his entourage in the bath after the banquet in honor of the meeting. It happened around the year 995. F.A. Braun identified Vissavald with Vsevolod Vladimirovich. But, as Vsevolod received the Principality of Volhynia, could he have been wedded to the Mazovian or Polish princess? In addition, in 995 he was only 11 years old. Vysheslav, who then was 16-17 years old and whose lands were in the neighborhood with Sweden was a more suitable husband for Sigrid, who was about 20 years old. For the dynastic marriage, to which the agreements were cemented, the difference in age might not have been an obstacle. But Sigrid, and perhaps her entourage, chose an alliance with Denmark, sealed with a marriage to King Sven Wilborough (died 1014).

Sigrid some time to rule on behalf of his young son Olaf. The union of Sweden and Denmark was directed against Vladimir, whose successes, probably, were ambiguously perceived by the neighbors. At about the same time Jarl Eirik , the son of the Norwegian yarl Haakon , who found shelter at the Swedish court, seized and burned Ladoga. But, really, it was made out of hatred for King Olaf, whom Vladimir supported, but with the support of the Swedes. So, the chronology of events is hardly accidental.

It is possible that Vladimir's uncle Dobrynya died with Vysheslav, since somewhere from that time his name disappears from sources. E.A. Rydzevskaya connected the legend about Sigrid with the legends about Olga's revenge and critically assessed her historic existence.

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Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Olava (c960-c995)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vysheslav Vladimirovich of Novgorod (c977-c1013) 977 1013 Novgorod

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Unnamed Greek nun
Name Birth Death Joined with
Svyatopolk I Vladimirovich of Kiev (c980-1019) 980 1019 Daughter of Bolesław I the Brave (c995-1018)

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Rogneda Rogvolodovna of Polotsk (962-1002)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Izyaslav Vladimirovich of Polotsk (c978-1001) 978 1001
Yaroslav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (c978-1054) 978 20 February 1054 NN
Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden (1001-1050)
Mstislav Vladimirovich (c982-c982) 982 982
Mstislav Vladimirovich of Chernigov (c983-1036) 983 1036 Chernigov, Chernihiv Rayon, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine Anastasia
Vsevolod Vladimirovich of Volhynia (c984-1013) 1084 1113
Predslava Vladimirovna (c983-c1025) 983 1025
Premyslava Vladimirovna (c985-1015) 985 1015
Mstislava Vladimirovna (c986-c1030) 986 1030

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Malfrida (c965-1000)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Svyyatoslav Vladimirovich of the Drevilians (c982–1015) 982 1015 Skole, Skole Rayon, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Adela
Name Birth Death Joined with
Boris Vladimirovich of Rostov (986-1015) 986 24 July 1015
Gleb Vladimirovich of Murom (987-1015) 986 1015
Stanislav Vladimirovich of Smolensk (c988-c1015) 988 1015
Sudislav Vladimirovich of Pskov (c992-1063) 992 1063

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Anna Porphyrogenita (963-1011)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Theofana Vladimirovna of Kiev (c990-c1020) 990 1020 Ostromir Konstantinovich (c995-c1060)

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and Unknown von Schwaben (-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria Dobroniega of Kiev (c1011-1087) Casimir I of Poland (1016-1058)
Agatha Vladimirovna of Kiev (c1014-c1070) 1014 1070 Edward Æþeling of England (1016-1057)

Offspring of Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pozvizd Vladimirovich (c985-c1030) 985 1030


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