Walter L Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: c1884 Cooper, Webster, Iowa
Father: Charles Messerly (c1835)
Mother: Elizabeth Senn (c1838)
Spouse/Partner: Mamie Lang (c1889)[1]

Walter Messerly

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Documentation notes[]

  • Father CHARLES MESSERLY and mother ELIZABETH SENN married 04 FEB 1858 , Tuscarawas, Ohio
  • Lived in Cooper, Webster, Iowa, see 1880, 1900, 1910 census's Children:
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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Walter Messerly (c1884) and Mamie Lang (c1889)
Elmer Messerly (c1907) (Elmer W) c1907
Marie Messerly (c1909) (Marie G) c1909
Mildred Messerly (c1911) (Mildred R) c1911
Howard Messerly (1911) (Howard M) September 3, 1911
Earl R Messerly (c1915) c1907
Russel H Messerly (c1917) (Russel H) c1917
Erma Messerly (c1919) (Erma E) c1919
Verna Messerly (c1919) (Verna E) c1919
Marvin Messerly (c1921) (Marvin L) c1921
Julian Messerly (1924) (Julian W)[2] c1924 May 30, 1944 Bombing run from England to France

1925 Iowa Census: Household of Walter L Messerly age 41 and Mamie Messerly age 36 showing other neighbor Messerly's

1925 Iowa Census: Household of Walter L Messerly showing wife's maiden name is Mamie Lang, born Illinois

1915 Iowa Census form- showing Walter mother born in Switzerland, father born Ohio


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