Type of site Social network service with a focus on Genealogy and Biography
Registration Open
Owner Private
Created by Web Biographies, LLC
Web Biographies, LLC
Type Private start-up
Industry Genealogy, Biography, Social networking services
Founded April 2006
Headquarters Denver, Colorado, USA
Key people Scott Purcell, founder and President

WebBiographies was a website founded by Scott Purcell with an emphasis on genealogy, family trees, biography and memoir writing.


WebBiographies was founded in April, 2006 by Scott Purcell,[1] founder of Epoch Networks and a former Board member of the Commercial Internet eXchange.

In an interview for MIT Technology Review, Scott stated that WebBiographies was founded with a "grown-up" audience in mind:

"Like a lot of people, growing up I sat around the kitchen table hearing stories about great aunts and great-great-grandfathers, and very little of it is written down... A couple of years ago I thought, let's write it down on the Internet. But all the tools out there were genealogy stuff, for making family trees.

My partner and I were playing around on MySpace and were very impressed by what they were doing. But MySpace is used mainly by young people and to be honest, it's a bit of a chaotic mess. We said, "There should be a MySpace for grownups. Let's do it.'"[2]

Genealogy features[]

The family tree utility continued ad infinitum. For instance, if you'd traced your family lineage to the Fifteenth century, WebBiographies' family tree utility would have accommodated it. Each family member or ancestor added to the family tree was instantly assigned a free account, so that users could upload pictures and stories about him or her without sacrificing the user's own storage space.

WebBiographies was also working on GEDCOM compliance for their online family tree, and users who had resources using this file standard would have been able to upload that information to their family tree.

They also had links to other genealogical resources available elsewhere on the internet.

Social networking features[]

WebBiographies' genealogy and biography/memoir utilities were combined with Web 2.0 features such as the ability to connect one's web biography with friends and family and "comment" on journal entries.

Online privacy protection features were also offered to users of the service. Users may have chosen to have their blogs, scrapbooks, biographies, or family histories displayed publicly or password-protected and locked from view by all except those whom the user chose. There were three levels of password protection options.

There were also weblogging features and one's site was organized like a book, with customizable "Chapters". In addition, every biography page was assigned a unique URL.

Digital photos, digital video, and .mp3s were shared and/or stored along with users' biography pages. Users were "connected" to one another's biographies, to stay abreast of new journals and photos as they were posted.

WebBiographies also supported foreign language formats and had many members from Eastern Europe and Asia.


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The Wikipedia page about the article's deletion says: "this is about a minor blogging site which was started by a notable figure in the internet world in 2006 but generated little or no income and had very little activity after 2010 except for a few entries in 2011. The website has been up for sale for at least 6 months and maybe more. There were discussions about deletion in 2007 and 2012 but no consensus. Now there isn't even a website. Chris55 (talk) 18:54, 7 February 2015 (UTC) "

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