William Cheney, Jr. was born 1540 in Thorngumbold, Yorkshire, England to William Cheney (c1513-) and Anna Holmes and died 4 August 1608 Boston, Lincolnshire, England of unspecified causes. He married Agnes Abbott 1565 JL in England.

William Cheney (1540-1608) = Early Resident of Lincolnshire England

Vital Stats

  • Son of William Cheney (c1513-?) and Anne Homes
  • 1540 (Est?) : Birth at Thorngumbold, Holderness, Yorkshire, England
  • 1565 (Est?) : Marriage to Francis (Agnes) Cheney) - England
  • 1608-Aug-4 : Died at Boston, Lincolnshire, England


Francis married William Cheney (eb1538-a will proves that William died in 1608) William was a descendant of the Cheney's of Shurland located at Fenn Ditton. This branch of the family descended from Henry Cheney (eb 1320) who is believed to have been a son of Sir William De Cheney(eb 1270).

This marriage rejoined the two branches of the family for the second time-the first being the 1268 marriage of Sir Alexander Cheney (eb1255) and Agnes De Saye (eb1250) in 1268. Both branches of the family had lost extensive wealth and property shortly before the marriage of Frances and William Cheney. After this the family lived in less exalted social circles. Frances and William founded a branch of the Cheney family which has lived for centuries in Lincolnshire where their descendants have prospered as merchants, apothecaries and saddlers.

Family of William and Agnes Cheney

  1. John Cheney (1568-1623) - m. Elizabeth
  2. Lawrence Cheney (1566-1643) - migrated to Roxbury, MA
  3. Thomas Cheney (1564-1605) - Res: Lambourn, Berkshire, England
  4. Edward Cheney
  5. Alice Cheney
  6. William Cheney


Offspring of William Cheney, Jr. and Agnes Abbott
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Cheney (1568-1623) 1568 Boston, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom 16 November 1623 Bennington, Lincolnshire, England, United States Mrs Elizabeth Cheney
Lawrence Cheney (1566-1643)
Thomas Cheney (1564-1605)
Edward Cheney
Alice Cheney
William Cheney



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