Gen. William Henry Kimball was born 10 April 1825 in Mendon, Monroe County, New York, United States to Heber Chase Kimball (1801-1868) and Vilate Murray (1806-1867) and died 29 December 1907 Coalville, Summit County, Utah, United States of unspecified causes. He married Melissa Burton (1828-1903) 24 December 1851 in Leamington, Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

General William Henry Kimball (1825-1907)

LDS Missionary to England and Brigadier General in the Utah Militia

Vital Stats

  • Son of LDS Pioneer, Heber Chase Kimball (1801-1868) and Vilate Murray (1806-1867)
  • 1825-Apr-10 : Birth in Mendon, Monroe Co, New York USA (1825 or 1826?)
  • 1854-1857 : LDS Missionary in England
  • 1851-Dec-24 : Marriage to Melissa Burton (1828-1903) in Mersey, Essex Co, Ontario, Canada, Widow of Coray - (AKA: Melissa Burton Coray Kimball)
  •  ??? : Marriage to Mary Mariah Davenport
  • 1870-1885 : Operated stageline from Salt Lake to Park City
  • 1907-Dec-29 : Died in Coalville, Summit Co, Utah


William H. Kimball was a missionary to England 1854-1857. Deputy U.S. marshal three years; sergeant-at-arms in legislature two terms; brigadier-general of Utah militia. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah, and went to meet the Edward Martin "frozen" handcart company.

Received reward for discovering the first coal mine within 40 miles of Salt Lake City, known as "Sprague" mine. Postmaster at Parley's Park. Captain of minutemen in early Indian troubles. Proprietor of Kimball hotel; drove mail and stage line between Salt Lake and Park City between 1870-1885. Second settler in Parley's Park. Died at Coalville, Utah on December 30, 1907

Two and a half years later on December 24, 1851, Melissa married William Henry Kimball, eldest son of Heber C. Kimball and Vilate Murray. Melissa had seven more children, the last ones being born in Parley's Park (now Park City), Summit County, Utah. Melissa had previously been part of the Mormon Battalion

Marriage & Family

1st Marriage: Melissa Burton

Note: Melissa had several children already from a previous marriage

  1. Burton Shipley Kimball b. Oct. 6, 1852; md. Alena May Parker 1880
  2. Ida Marie Kimball b. Oct 14, 1854; md. Patrick Henry Towey 1888
  3. Robert Taylor Kimball b. Sep 15, 1857; md. Hannah Amanda Evans 1888
  4. Charles Martin Kimball b. Nov 22, 1859: md.
  5. Ranch Stanley Kimball b. Dec 25, 1861; md. Sarah Butterworth 1882
  6. Lawrence Prosper Kimball b. July 14, 1863; md. Susan "Susie" Kearns 1887
  7. Ernest Lynn Kimball b. March 8, 1866; md. Annie Sutton 1892

2nd Marriage: Mary Mariah Davenport

  1. Helen Vilate Kimball (1845-1921) - m. Charles Tilton
  2. Anna Marion Kimball (1847-1919) - m. Samuel Sprague
  3. Isabel Malvina Kimball (1849-1915) - m. Henry Lawrence
  4. John Henry Kimball (1851-1934) - m. Margarey Clayton
  5. Heber Roswell Kimball (1857-1922) -
  6. Paralee Kimball (1857-1934) - m. John Hailey
  7. Melissa Kimball (1860-) -
  8. Victoria Maud Kimball (1863-1937) - m. Ammi Jackman


Offspring of Gen. William Henry Kimball and Melissa Burton (1828-1903)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Burton Shipley Kimball (1852-)
Ida Marie Kimball (1854-)
Robert Taylor Kimball (1857-)
Charles Martin Kimball (1859-)
Ranch Stanley Kimball (1861-)
Lawrence Prosper Kimball (1863-)
Ernest Lynn Kimball (1866-)

Offspring of Gen. William Henry Kimball and Mary Mariah Davenport
Name Birth Death Joined with
Helen Vilate Kimball (1845-1921)
Anna Marion Kimball (1847-1919)
Isabel Malvina Kimball (1849-1915)
John Henry Kimball (1851-1934)
Heber Roswell Kimball (1857-1922)
Paralee Kimball (1857-1934)
Melissa Kimball (1860-)
Victoria Maud Kimball (1863-1937)




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