William Penn was born 14 October 1644 in Tower Hill, Greater London, England, United Kingdom to William Penn (1621-1670) and Margaret Jasper (c1624-1682) and died 30 July 1718 Ruscombe, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom of stroke. He married Gulielma Maria Springett (1644-1694) . He married Hannah Margaret Callowhill (1671-1723) 1696 in England, United Kingdom.

Penn was an English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher, and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, the English North American colony and the future Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He was an early champion of democracy and religious freedom, notable for his good relations and successful treaties with the Lenape Indians. Under his direction, the city of Philadelphia was planned and developed.


Offspring of William Penn and Gulielma Maria Springett (1644-1694)¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gulielma Maria Penn (1672-bef1685)
William Penn (1673-1674)
Maria Margaret Penn (1674-1674)
Springett Penn (1675-1696)
Letitia Penn (1678-1746)
William Penn, Jr. (1680-1720)
Unnamed Penn (1682-1682)
Gulielma Maria Penn (1685-1689)

Offspring of William Penn and Hannah Margaret Callowhill (1671-1723)¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Unnamed female Penn (1697-1697)
John Penn (1700-1746)
Thomas Penn (1701-1775)
Hannah Penn (1703-1708)
Margaret Penn (1705-1771)
Richard Penn (1706-1771) 17 January 1706 Bristol, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 4 February 1771 England, United Kingdom Hannah Lardner (c1706-)
Dennis Penn (1706-1722)
Hannah Penn (1708-1709)


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

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¢ Children
  • Letitia married William Awbrey (Aubrey).
¢2 Children 2
  • John never married. Thomas married Lady Juliana Fermor, fourth daughter of Thomas, first Earl of Pomfret.
¶ Death
  • At least one website says he died in Berkshire, Pennsylvania. Such a place is not referenced on Wikipedia.
§ Remains

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