William de Chetilton/Chetelton/Cheddleton was born circa 1180 in England to Hugh de Chetilton (c1155-) and died 1230 England of unspecified causes.

Collections for a History of Staffordshire VI:199

Banco Roll, Easter, 18 E 1

Staff. An assize of last presentation to the Church of Chetelton, the advowson of which Nicholas de Aldythelegh, as custos of the land and heir of Richard son of Henry de Chetelton, claimed against the Abbot of Deulacres, by reason of the said custody; and he stated that Robert de Chetelton the ancestor of the heir had presented in the reign of King John a certain Peter, his clerk, who had been admitted and instituted on his presentation, and had died the last Parson of the Church, and from Robert the right descended to William as son and heir; and from William, who died without leaving issue, to Hugh, his brother and heir; and from Hugh to William as son and heir; and from William to Robert as son and heir; and from Robert to Henry as son and heir; and from Henry to Richard as son and heir, who is under age. The Abbot stated, etc. (Here follow the pleadings already given, and the writs to the Bishop to certify whether the Church was cucant or not.) In reply to the last writ the Bishop stated that when he was about to execute the King's mandate, an inhibition had been served upon him from the Court of Canterbury by a monk of Deulacres, and because the Abbot had alleged the Church was full and served (consulta) by the said Abbot and Monks who held it in their own hands, and he had stated he was ready to prove this by the Ordinary, and the same Abbot had served an inhibition upon the Bishop to prevent him from certifying to the writ, it is considered that the assize should proceed.

And the Abbot stated that Hugh the ancestor of the heir had given and confirmed to the Abbot and Convent of Deulacres the advowson of the Church, and he produced the deed of the said Hugh.

The jury say that Robert de Cheltelton, formerly Lord of Cheltelton, and the ancestor of Richard (whose heir he is), had made the last presentation in the reign of King John, and the Clerk presented had been admitted, and had died the last Parson of the Church; and being questioned as to the length of time which had elapsed since the death of Peter the last Parson, answered more than ten years. It is therefore considered that the custos of the heir should recover the advowson. m. 157.


Offspring of William de Chetilton/Chetelton/Cheddleton and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert de Chetilton (c1221-)
Joan de Chetilton (c1222-) 1222 England, United Kingdom Thomas de Caverswall (c1220-)


Offspring of Hugh de Chetilton (c1155-) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
William de Chetilton (c1180-1230) 1180 England 1230 England


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‡ General
  • A survey of Staffordshire, with a description of Beeston-castle in Cheshire. To which are added some Observations upon the possessors of monastery-lands in Staffordshire, by sir S. Degge. Collated with MS. copies, and with additions and corrections, by Wyrley [and others] by T. Harwood by Sampson Erdeswicke, Thomas Harwood 1820