Queen Wulfthryth of Wessex was born circa 840 in England . She married Æthelred of Wessex (c847-871) 864 JL in England.

Queen Wulfthryth of Wessex (fl. 868) was a queen consort of the kingdom of Wessex, the wife of King Æthelred. Her name is sometimes Latinized as Wulfrida or Wilfrida.

Little is known of Wulfthryth. She witnessed a charter of 868, in which she has the title of regina ("queen"). Which was exceptionally rare title for the King's consort in 9th-century England. The charter appears in the Codex Wintoniensis, but Wulfthryth is otherwise unrecorded in primary sources. Stephanie Hollis notes that 868 was the year of Alfred's marriage to a Mercian and that "Wulfthryth's name looks Mercian".

Wulfthryth is considered to be the likely mother of Æthelhelm (c. 865 – c. 890) and of Æthelwold (died 902), the leader of Æthelwold's Revolt.


Offspring of Æthelred, King of Wessex and Wulfthryth of Wessex (c840-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Æthelhelm (865-c890) 865 Wessex 890
Æthelwold (c868-902) 868 Wessex 13 December 902 Holme, Cambridgeshire, England



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