Yaroslav Svyatoslavich of Chernigov, Prince of Chernigov, Prince of Murom, was born circa 1074 to Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich of Kiev (1027-1076) and Oda von Babenberg (c1040-c1087) and died 1129 of unspecified causes. He married Nomen nescio . Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899).

Yaroslav Svyatoslavich (baptized Pankraty) (c1074-1129) - Prince of Murom and Chernigov. The younger son of the Kiev prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich, the grandson of Yaroslav Vladimirovich the Wise and Oda von Babenberg (c1040-c1087), the daughter of the Margrave Leopold von Babenberg. Yaroslav was the founder of the Murom-Ryazan branch of the Rurik family.


According to some reports, he was brought up in Germany, where he was forced to flee with his mother after the death of his father. According to legend, Oda inherited big treasures from Svyatoslav, but she could not take them all and hid most of it. Later, after returning to Russia, Yaroslav found them [1].

Death of Davyd Svyatoslavich of Chernigov and ascension of his brother Yaroslav Svyatoslavich after Dadyd's death

For the first time appears on the pages of the chronicle in 1096 [2][3] in connection with the participation in the war in the east of Russia (Murom, Ryazan, Rostov, Suzdal) against Vladimir Monomakh on the side of his brother Oleg. The Svyatoslavichi were then defeated in the Battle of the Koloksha River brothers Mstislav Vladimirovich and Vyacheslav Vladimirovich and the Polovtsians. After the defeat, Yaroslav went to Murom , with the arrival of troops under the city, Mstislav concluded peace with him.

In 1097, together with his brothers Oleg and Davyd he participated in the Council of Lyubech, on which the Principality of Chernigov was divided into three parts: Chernigov was given to Davyd Svyatoslavich, the Principality of Novgorod-Seversky to Oleg Svyatoslavich and the Principalities of Murom and Ryazan, as the most remote and insignificant, went to the younger brother Yaroslav.

In 1101 Yaroslav together with other princes participated in the peace negotiations with the Polovtsians on the Zolocha River which were concluded at the Council of Sakov (1101).

On March 4, 1103, he was defeated by the Mordvins [4]. Yaroslav Svyatoslavich, who had previously ruled the Principality of Murom becomes Prince of Chernigov after Davyd Svyatoslavich's death. In his place, in 1123, Vsevolod Davydovich became Prince of Murom.

In 1127 Vsevolod Olgovich drove his uncle, Yaroslav Svyatoslavich out of Chernigov, and his squad robbed him. The Grand Prince of Kiev Mstislav Vladimirovich, united with his brother Yaropolk of Pereyaslavl, went to Vsevolod (Monomakhovich went against the Olgovichi), demanding that he return the Principality of Chernigov to Yaroslav. Vsevolod, however, no longer acted as a weapon, but as gifts, bribing the boyars of Kiev, therefore the issue dragged on until the winter. In the winter Yaroslav came from Murom to Kiev and began to hurry Mstislav, praying for help. Mstislav, who had promised to protect Yaroslav's fief and promised he was going to the campaign, but here the abbot of the Andreev monastery, Grigory, known to all as a righteous and honest man, dissuaded him. Mstislav reconciled with Vsevolod, and Yaroslav was sent to Murom, not returning the fiefdom to him. Two years later Yaroslav died. He was buried in Murom.

Konstantin Svyatoslavich

Yaroslav Svyatoslavich is sometimes identified whith the holy and blessed prince Konstantin Svyatoslavich of Murom[5]. Konstantin Svyatoslavich is known for his life written in the 16th century, and is unknown from the annals. According to the life, he finally turned Murom into Christianity and built churches there. The time of life of this prince is difficult to establish. In addition to identifying him with Yaroslav Svyatoslavich, there are other versions, for example, Rapov believed his son was Svyatoslav Drevlyansky .

The name of his wife Konstatin is known - Irina (mentioned only in her husband's "Life", and also depicted in some icons.) Buried in the Murom Blagoveshchensk cathedral, is a local martyr saint. From "Life" their children are also known:

  • Mikhail Konstantinovich is revered as an all-Russian saint; died in Murom in early childhood at the hands of the Gentiles [6].
  • Fyodor Konstantinovich - revered as an all-Russian saint, succeeded to the Murom throne after the death of his father; sometimes identified with Yuri Yaroslavich .

The memory of Konstantin of Murom is celebrated on May 21 / June 3. Canonized together with his sons by the Macarius Sobors in 1547 .

Marriage and children

Children :



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Offspring of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich of Chernigov and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yuri Yaroslavich of Murom (c1095-1143) 1095 1143
Svyatoslav Yaroslavich of Ryazan (c1097-1145) 1097 1145 Murom, Murom Rayon, Vladimir Oblast, Russia
Rostislav Yaroslavich of Murom (c1100-1153) 1100 1153

Offspring of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich of Chernigov and Irina
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mikhail Yaroslavich of Chernigov (c1102-c1160)
Fyodor Yaroslavich of Chernigov (c1105-c1165)


Offspring of Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich of Kiev (1027-1076) and Cecilia of Dithmarschen (c1030-c1070)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Wyszesława Svyatoslavna of Kiev (c1047-c1090) 1047 1090 Bolesław II the Bold (c1042-1081)
Gleb Svyatoslavich of Novgorod (c1048-1078) 1048 30 May 1078 Volokolamsk, Volokolamsk Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Roman Svyatoslavich Krasnyi of Tmutarakan (c1050-1079) 1050 2 August 1079
Davyd Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (c1052-1123) 1052 1123 Theodosia (c1060-c1110)
Oleg I Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (c1053-1115) 1053 2 August 1115 Theophano Mouzalonissa (c1075-c1105)
Daughter of Osaluka-Khan

Offspring of Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich of Kiev (1027-1076) and Oda von Babenberg (c1040-c1087)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yaroslav Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (1074-1129) 1074 1129 NN
Daughter of Kiev (c1070-c1117) 1070 1117 Kilij Arslan I of Rum (-1107)


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Yaroslav Svyatoslavich
Born: 1074 Died: 1229
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Davyd Svyatoslavich
Prince of Chernigov
Succeeded by
Vsevolod Olgovich
Preceded by
Izyaslav Vladimirovich
Prince of Murom
Succeeded by
Gleb Rostislavich
Preceded by
Creation of the Principality
Prince of Murom
With: Davyd Svyatoslavich
Succeeded by
Gleb Rostislavich