Yaroslav Vladimirovich of Novgorod (c1155-c1208) was born 1155 to Vladimir III Mstislavich of Kiev (1132-1171) and Unnamed daughter of Beloš (c1130-c1190) and died 1208 of unspecified causes.

Yaroslav Vladimirovich (c1155-c1208 [1]) - Prince of Novgorod (1182-1184, 1187-1196, 1197-1199) was the son of Vladimir Mstislavich.


When in 1181 the Novgorodians participated in the campaign of the Olgovichi near Drutsk against Davyd Rostislavich, Vsevolod Yuryevich of Vladimir captured Torzhok, which influenced the choice of the new Prince of Novgorod: Vladimir, the son of Svyatoslav III of Kiev, was expelled, and Yaroslav came to Novgorod as a representative of Vsevolod in 1182. In 1184 the Novgorodians expelled him for not having rendered timely assistance to Pskov against the Lithuanians. For the next 3 years Mstislav, the son of Davyd Rostislavich became Prince of Novgorod [2].

The termination of the Smolensk influence in Novgorod occurred almost simultaneously with the conflict between Davyd Rostislavich and the Smolensk boyars. In 1187, Yaroslav was again drafted to Novgorod , where he reigned 9 years. Together with the Novgorodians he went to the aid of the Polotsk princes against Estonians , took Dorpat and returned with many prisoners and trophies (1191). In 1192, his squad and Pskov took the city of Odense (in Estonia).

In 1196, during the conflict between Vsevolod and the Rostislavichi of Smolensk, on the one hand, and the the Olgovichi of Chernigov with another Novgorod, the Yaropolk Yaroslavich son of the Princes of Chernigov was invited to reign, and Yaroslav became prince in Torzhok, but in 1197 he was again called by the Novgorodians on the whole will of Vsevolod.

In 1199 the Novgorodians appealed to Vsevolod with a request to send them his son to reign over the princioality. Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich came to Novgorod, and Vsevolod contributed to the allocation of Principality of Vyshgorod to Yaroslav. In 1205, Rostislav Rurikovich took over Vyshgorod, after which no other information is available about Yaroslavl.

Family and children

The wife is the Alan princess (um.25.12.1201)

Children :

  • Izyaslav Yaroslavich of Luki (c1178-1198) - Prince of Luki
  • Rostislav Yaroslavich (c1180-1198)
  • Svyatoslav Yaroslavich of Kanev (c1182-1223) - participant of the Battle of the Kalka River (1223)


  2. ^ Мстислав Давыдович Смоленский (1219-1230) был его младшим братом.


Offspring of Yaroslav Vladimirovich of Novgorod (c1155-c1208) and Unnamed Alan princess (c1160-1201)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Izyaslav Yaroslavich of Luki (c1178-1198)
Rostislav Yaroslavich (c1180-1198) 1180 1198
Svyatoslav Yaroslavich of Kanev (c1182-1223) 1182 31 May 1223



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