Yelena Aleksandrovna of Smolensk was born 1295 to Aleksandr Glebovich of Smolensk (c1255-1313) and died 1 March 1331 of unspecified causes.


According to some reports, Yelena (Olena) was the daughter of the Grand Prince of Smolensk Aleksandr Glebovich. In the world she bore the name Yelena (Olena), in monasticism - Solomonida . There are no data on the year of her birth and the date of her wedding with Ivan Kalita.

Death of princess She died on March 1, 1331, taking monastic vows before the death in the Grand-Ducal Spassky Monastery with the name of Solomon. Left a widower - the prince of three surviving young sons: 13-year-old Simeon, 5-year-old Ivan and 3-year-old Andrew. The princess was buried in the walls of the Cathedral of the Spassky Monastery of the Moscow Kremlin/ it was the first burial in the tomn of the Grand Princes of Moscow. After the demolition of the cathedral in 1933, the grave was lost .


Four sons and four daughters were born in marriage:

  1. Maria Ivanovna of Moscow (c1314-1365) married Prince Yaroslavsky of Vasili Davydovich the Terrible Eyes
  2. Simeon Ivanovich of Moscow (1316-1353)
  3. Daniil Ivanovich of Moscow (1320-1328)
  4. Fefinia Ivanovna of Moscow (c1321-c1322)
  5. Yevdokiya Ivanovna of Moscow (1324-1342) married in 1328 Konstantin Vasilyevich (prince of Rostov-Borisoglebsky)
  6. Ivan II Ivanovich of Moscow (1326-1359) (March 30, 1326 - November 13, 1359)
  7. Andrei Ivanovich of Serpukhov (1327-1353) (July 1327 - April 27, 1353)
  8. Feodosiya Ivanovna of Moscow (c1330-c1390), married to Fyodor Romanovich .


Offspring of Ivan I Danilovich Kalita of Moscow (1288-1340) and Yelena Aleksandrovna of Smolensk
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria Ivanovna of Moscow (c1314-1365)
Simeon Ivanovich of Moscow (1316-1353) 7 November 1316 Moscow, Russia 27 April 1353 Moscow Aigusta of Lithuania (c1320-1345)
Eupraxia of Smolensk
Maria Aleksandrovna of Tver (c1326-1399)
Daniil Ivanovich of Moscow (1320-1328)
Fefinia Ivanovna of Moscow (c1321-c1322)
Yevdokiya Ivanovna of Moscow (1324-1342) 1324 1342 Vasili Davidovich of Yaroslavl (1311-1345)
Ivan II Ivanovich of Moscow (1326-1359) 30 March 1326 Moscow, Russia 23 November 1359 Moscow, Russia Fedosiya Dmitrievna of Bryansk (c1330-1342)
Aleksandra Ivanovna Velyaminova (c1332-1364)
Andrei Ivanovich of Serpukhov (1327-1353) 4 July 1327 Russia 6 June 1353 Russia Yuliana Rurik of Galich-Dmitrov
Feodosiya Ivanovna of Moscow (c1330-c1390)


Offspring of Aleksandr Glebovich of Smolensk (c1255-1313) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Aleksandrovich of Smolensk (c1290-1314)
Ivan Aleksandrovich of Smolensk (c1292-1359)
Yelena Aleksandrovna of Smolensk (c1295-1331) 1295 1 March 1331 Ivan I Danilovich Kalita of Moscow (1288-1340)


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