Euphrosynus Svyatogorets - Bishop of the Russian Church, Bishop of Murom and Ryazan from 1223-1238)

Mentioned by the Bishop of Murom and Ryazan from 1223 to 1239 [1].

Probably it was he who made the veil in the monastic life of Murom prince David Yuryevich and his spouse Euphrosyne and also allegedly performed the religious burial of the princely couple who died in 25 June 1228.

His administration of the diocese coincided with the invasion of Batu Khan and the defeat of Ryazan in 1237, and then of Murom in 1239 [2].

There is an assumption that the Bishop Euphrosynus brought to Murom the young Prince Roman Olgovich, who was hijacked to the Golden Horde[3].