Yuri Koryatovich (Jurgis Karijotaitis) was born circa 1328 to Karijotas (c1307-c1361) and died 1375 Vaslui, Vaslui County, Moldavia, Romania of unspecified causes.

Yuri Koryatovich Lithuanian: Jurgis Karijotaitis was one of the eldest sons of Karijotas, Duke of Navahrudak and Vaŭkavysk.

Born approximatively in 1328, he was active in the negotiations for the truces of 1355 and of 1366 in the War of the Galician-Volyn legacy. For his efforts he was rewarded receiving the city of Chełm in 1366. He also participated in the Battle of Blue Waters (1362) against the Golden Horde.

After 1366, as king Casimir of Poland appointed Yuri's brother Alexander Koryatovich governor of Vladimir-Volyn, Yuri ruled the principality of Podolsk jointly with his brother Konstantin Koryatovich. They shared this power with their brother Alexander when he returned from Volyn, in 1371.

In 1374, towards the end of Laţcu's reign he made an attempt to take over Moldavia. On 4 July 1374, he issued a proclamation in Bârlad, claiming that he was the de facto ruler of Moldavia. He was however not able to gain the support of the Moldavian boyars who poisoned him in 1375. He died in Vaslui and is claimed to have been buried in Bârlad. <[1]

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Offspring of Karijotas (c1307-c1361) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jurgis Karijotaitis (c1328-1375) 1328 1375 Vaslui, Vaslui County, Moldavia, Romania
Aleksandras Karijotaitis (c1330-c1380) 1330 1380
Aikštas Karijotaitis (c1332-c1390) 1332 1390
Simeonas Karijotaitis (c1334-1399) 1334 1399
Teodoras Karijotaitis (c1339-1414) 1339 1414 Mukachevo, Mukachevo Rayon, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine
Dmitri Karijotaitis (c1340-c1399) 1340 1399
Anastasiya Karijotaitis (c1358-c1408) 1360 1408 Roman I of Moldavia (c1345-1394)


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