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Zhytkavichy Rayon on Familypedia

Born in Zhytkavichy Rayon

 Birth dateBirth placeFatherMother
Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)1 June 1076 JLTurau, Zhytkavichy Rayon, Homiel Voblasts, BelarusVladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)

Baptised in Zhytkavichy Rayon

Married in Zhytkavichy Rayon

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Died in Zhytkavichy Rayon

Buried in Zhytkavichy Rayon

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Zhytkavichy Rayon (Belarusian: Жыткавіцкі раён; Russian: Житковичский район) is an administrative subdivision, a rayon of Homiel Voblasts, in Belarus.